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I've only found few good books about, or in some way related to, amphetamines. At least if you do not want to read books that only try to scare you from using. But here follows some that you might want to check out.

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NB! Some of the reviews were not written by me but borrowed from friends or the Internet.



- Autobiographies and speed culture -

I love autobiographies where drugs play a major part of the story. And books regarding drug culture are definitely my thing too. Speed is not a drug that seems to inspire much work in either category but here is what I've come up with so far.


Speed + Kentucky Ham
William S. Burroughs JR


This is a crazy book written by William Burroughs JR. (the son of the William Burroughs who brought us "Naked Lunch"). The book is excellent, it's about Burroughs's addiction to speed, which eventually brings him to NYC and then to jail, and then rehab.

We get a book containing a discussion of the life of a junky and a new perspective on the after-effects of the beat generation without being judgmental or the least bit preachy. Very well written.

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Speed Culture: Amphetamine Use and Abuse in America
L Grinspoon, Peter Hedblom


A non-biased, factual book about the history of amphetamine use in America. It was written by the author of "Marijuana Reconsidered" and describes how amphetamines have been used both medically and recreationally in the United States.

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Waiting for the man: The Story of Drugs and Popular Music  
Harry Shapiro


The title says it all. A very popular and highly acclaimed book.

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On The Road
Jack Kerouac


Sal Paradise (Kerouac), a young writer from New York City, ventures to cities around the country, staying with old friends, making new friends, and doing everything he can to stay alive and move on.
You won't find much of drugs in it but Jack Kerouac typed 'On The Road' on benzedrine on one giant ream of paper... so it's got that champin'-at-the-bit flavor of amphetamines. A classic!

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Birgitta Stenberg


This is probably my favorite book about abuse. Birgitta Stenberg writes about her life as a speed addict in Sweden some 35 years ago. There are some injecting taking place on almost every page but still it never bores you. Some parts are obviously written while high and others on a comedown. This produces a nice contrast that adds to the reading experience.

Stenberg continued to write after she managed to quit drugs. She has also been active as a politician and is one of few who has been sitting in the Swedish parliament and been openly supportive of harm reduction.

Unfortunately I haven't found any shop that sells Report. Try the library.



More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction
Elizabeth Wurtzel.


This is a great book. The author has this unique way of writing that just gets your attention and never let you go. Wurtzel offers an account of her descent into ritalin addiction, her experiences as an addict, and her difficult struggle to gain control over the drug and her life.

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Anything by Hunter S. Thompson


When I started doing research for this site and asked people about good books about amphetamine use, the most common answer where "Check out Hunter S. Thompson". I'm still in the progress of doing just that and I will hopefully be back with some reviews. Meanwhile check out the links to some of his work.

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- Manufacturing -

Please do not attempt to manufacture amphetamine if it is illegal where you live. You might end up in jail.
But if you want to see how it is done just out of curiosity there are lots of good books on the subject.


Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture
Including Recipes for MDA, Ecstasy, and Other Psychedelic Amphetamines

Uncle Fester, Fester



"This book is undoubtedly the bible of meth production. However, it's not a how-to for anybody since there is some complicated chemistry involved. "


I found the last "review" from Amazon rather amusing :o)

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Amphetamine Syntheses: Industrial Otto Snow


"From the Publisher: Otto has put together the most explicit syntheses on the bulk production of psychedelic amphetamines, precursors and reductions. MDA, MDMA (XTC), DOB, TMA, PMA, MDEA (Eve), DOM (STP) and other popular stimulants, eg. methylcathinone, phenetermine, aminorex, ephedrine. It is easy reading yet, explicit, hardcore, psychedelic amphetamine chemistry."

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Total Synthesis II


"About the Author: Strike is an ecstasy and amphetamine chemist from Texas. Strike used to be very frustrated with the lack of common sense recipes and explanations for the production of these compounds. So Strike wrote it all down for others to enjoy."

"Excellent book on the synthesis of MDMA and associated amphetamines. Great for the novice and more seasoned chemist alike with a lot of explanatory notes that seem to get omitted from a lot of journals."

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Recreational Drugs
Professor Buzz


"The single finest book ever written on the manufacture of recreational drugs. Profusely illustrated, it covers the equipment, techniques and reagents used in the clandestine manufacture of illegal drugs. Procedures for crystallization, chromatography, distillation and reductions are given for the following types of drugs: Amphetamines * THC * Analgesics * Hypnotics, Sedatives and Tranquilizers. Also includes detailed instructions for buying and making precursors."

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- Help quitting -

Some people get addicted to speed really bad and can't quit without help. The best to do then is to eat these, but some people might need even further assistance and a good book on the subject might be just right. Here is a couple with splendid reputation.


Sex, Drugs, Gambling, and Chocolate
Dr. A. Thomas Horvath

"What worked for me was the book "Sex, Drugs, Gambling, and Chocolate". For me that book was extremely helpful because it discusses reasons and tools for dealing with mental cravings as they come up. There are many logical, scientific suggestions that helped me. It also makes it easier to understand the physiology of mental and physical cravings."

"The author's warm good humor and tolerance will support you through the tough times. He is there to hold your hand in the darkness and encourage you when you slip. He gives you full credit for your own accomplishments. It's the closest thing to individual therapy you will find in a bookstore."

"For people who struggle with addiction this book is a must read. I highly recommend it as an excellent source of strategy and treatment planning."

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Recovery Options: The Complete Guide
Joseph Volpicelli and Maia Szalavitz


"It may seem trite to say but this book literally saved my life. After doing tons of research and making many telephone calls, this was the ONLY resource about addiction that covered the topic honestly, compassionately and COMPLETELY. It provided me with the clear, unbiased information I needed about addiction and recovery and helped me make an informed choice about treatment."

"It was clear to me from the start that the authors have a very open minded approach, non-judgmental approach to addiction treatment that is unusual and very refreshing. They make it clear that there is no one "correct" way to deal with addiction. Instead they explore the pros and cons of all available treatment methods so that each reader can decide for him or herself, which course of action is appropriate."

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- Fiction -

I'm not a big fan of fiction but here I guess I should include some books from that genre.


Last Day
Richard Sears


"Eighteen months have passed since he even seen a picture of his baby Jade let alone talked with his wife Carolyn and their three-year-old child. However, Charlie Wolf knows his work as a cop deeply undercover is almost over. The raid on the Sons of Fire motorcycle club begins shortly and that will end the major manufacturing and selling of illegal methamphetamines. The problems for Charlie are that he is hooked on meth, but worse than that he and the club president Ray Sasso are friends."

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The Speed Queen
Stewart O'Nan



"Stewart O'Nan's The Speed Queen opens on Oklahoma's death row. Marjorie Standiford, scheduled to die that night for the murder of 12 people, dictates the story of her speed dealing life into a tape recorder. Before she goes, she wants to set the record straight. It seems that one of her accomplices, Natalie, has already produced a bestselling book on the subject, and Marjorie doesn't want to be outdone. Her tape will be sent to an unnamed writer known as the King of Horror with a list of titles identical to those of Stephen King.

Marjorie may not be the most reliable narrator, but she is an original one, and The Speed Queen provides one heck of a joy ride."

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Crystal Meth Cowboys
by John Knoerle



"Crystal Meth Cowboys is a brutal and shocking novel of drug use and reckless violence. Candid, direct language and explicit description mark this savage yet darkly compelling tale. The prevalence of deadly drugs makes for a chilling core theme. Not just another police procedural, John Knoerle is here documented as an outstandingly gifted writer with a keen and wicked since of humor, a superbly crafted storyteller timing, and distinctive originality."
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