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"Punk and reggae are essentially the same kind of music. The only difference was the drugs that the musicians took. The punks were on speed and the rastas on weed"

- Unknown

I love music that is about, or inspired by, drugs. It's much easier for me to treasure a song that I can relate to in a special way. If you also appreciate the joy of recognition - and if you like speed - then you'll find a bundle of great songs listed here.

All these songs are (probably) about or inspired by speed. In the cases where it is not obvious I've been made aware of this fact by an article or interview.

I have placed links to soundclips so you can listen to some of my favorite ones. I am going to put links to all the songs on this page when I find the time to do so.

And hey, do not try a drug just because a song (or a musician) says it's cool ... or vice versa :o)

Whitney Houston back in the 80's

My collection of amphetamine songs

* My personal favorites *

Catherine wheel - Crank - (Lyrics)

Daycare swindlers - Crystal meth - (Lyrics) <- No other song more accurately describes the feeling I get from speed

Eve 6 - Amphetamines - (Lyrics)

(The) Fall - Totally wired - (Lyrics)

Holy modal rounders - If you'll want to be a bird <- Written by the singers wife while she was speeding

Lemonheads - My Drug Buddy <- Evan Dando (the singer) used lots of drugs while he was in the Lemonheads. He finally got caught up in alcohol abuse (30-40 drinks a day). These days though, he claims he only smokes pot. Good for him.

Mark Foggo - Speeding my life away

Mark Lanegan band - Methamphetamine blues - (Lyrics)

Mink Deville - Let me dream if I want to (amphetamine blues)

Rocket From the Tombs - Amphetamine

Sisters of mercy - Amphetamine logic - (Lyrics + guitar tab) <- This song has somewhat managed to capture the dark feeling of a comedown. Andrew Eldritch, the singer, once claimed that the he and the other members of the band probably held some world records in amphetamine abuse back in the early eighties.

Small faces - Here comes the nice - (Lyrics + guitar tab) <- The song strangely managed to escape an airplay ban in the UK when it was released. The tile is a wordplay on the American comedian Lord Buckley's "Here come the Nazz".

Steve Wynn - Amphetamine - The best car driving song ever!

Third eye blind - Semi charmed kind of life

Toys that Kill - Amphetamine street

Vibrators - Amphetamine blue - (Lyrics) <- My all time favorite speed song.

My collection of amphetamine songs

* The rest of the best *

A3 - Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Accelera deck- Crank
Afghan whigs - Amphetamines and coffee (Guitar tab)
Amazone - Amphetamine (1994)
Atari Teenage Riot - Speed - (Lyrics)
Babes in toyland - Spun - (Guitar tab)
Bargain music - Crank
Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues
- (Lyrics + guitar tab)
Bush - Speed kills
- (Lyrics + guitar tab)
Byrds - Artificial Energy - (Lyrics + guitar tab)
Canned heat - Amphetamine Annie (1968) - (Lyrics)
Capitalist casualties - Methamphetamine
Cathode Ray Tube - Tweaking (techno)
Cephalic Carnage - Trailor Park Meth Queen
Covenant - Speed - (Lyrics)
Cracker - Hi-desert biker meth lab - (Lyrics)
Da monogoloids - spark da meth (techno)
Damn Personals - Amphetamine rifles
Dave The Drummer - Amphetamine
DJ micro - Ascension speed freak
Doom - Amphetamine tortoise
Doormouse - Speedfreak
Drax ltd ii - Amphetamine
Duplex - Meta
Earthlings - Vegan Meth
Empirion - Narcotic influence
Ernest Ranglin - Nana's chalk pipe
Everclear - Amphetamine (Guitar tab)
Everlast - Hot to death (Lyrics)
Exevil Vol.1 - Amphetamine (instrumental)
Eyehategod - Methamphetamine
Frank Zappa - Speedfreak boogie
Fugs - New Amphetamine Shriek - (Lyrics + guitar tab)
Full Moon Fashions - On My Way Amphetamine (techno)
The Go-Go's - Speeding
Green day - Geek stink breath - (depressing lyrics)

Harry Gibson - Who put the benzedrine in mrs Murphys ovaltine
Hellacopters - Speedfreak - (Lyrics)
High llamas - High on the chalk
Ill repute - Tweaked

Johnny Cohen and the new age nazis - Hitler was a speedfreak
Leakh - Amphetamine
Lou Reed - Caroline says part II

Keller Williams - Spun (instrumental)
Mad River - Amphetamine gazelle
Mason Jennings - Amphetamine girl - (Lyrics)
Melvins - Chalk people
Meteors - Speedfreak (instrumental)
Mondo generator - Meth I Hear You Callin' - (Lyrics)
Montgomery Gentry - Speed - (Lyrics + guitar tab)
Motorhead - Speedfreak - (Lyrics)
Motorhead - White line fever - (Lyrics)
Mudhoney - I'm spun - (Lyrics)
Need new body - Polish yaba
Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Speedfreak (techno)
Orbital - Speedfreak
Plexus - Speedfreak (techno)
Powerplan Revisited - Tweaking At The Club (techno)
Psysex - Amphetamania
Primal scream - Motorhead (Motorhead cover) - (Guitar tab)
Primal scream - Shoot speed kill light (not much lyrics but ...)
Primus - On the tweek again - (Lyrics)
Pulp - Sorted For Es & Wizz - (Lyrics + guitar tab)
Rolling Stones - Mother's little helper - (Lyrics + guitar tab) (according to Mojo magazine this one is about speed/benzedrine but most people seem to think it is about valium)
Sand Pebbles - Out of My Mind on Dope and Speed
Schröders Roadshow: Speed (1982)
Screw (32) - Speed freak
Serpents - And So the Ice Melts
Sheep on drugs - Chard
Slaughter and the dogs - Cranked up really high (Guitar tab)
Sound farmers - Speedfreak
Southern Discomfort - My addiction
Star spangles - I live for speed
Stitches - Amphetamine Girl
Superdrag - Amphetamine - (Lyrics + guitar tab)
Super-hit 666 - Crank it up
Trope - Amphetamine
Velvet acid christ - Amphetamine Club Overkill (techno)
Velvet Underground - White light white heat - (Lyrics + guitar tab)
X - Johnny Hit and Run Pauline (I'm not sure about this one but someone suggested it was about speed)

Zero Boys - Amphetamine Addiction


* Band names & slang for speed*

For those of you who are interested, here are some band names that relate to speed:

Amphetamine blue
Amphetamine eaters
Baby amphetamine
Chicks on speed
Crystal method <- Cleaver name
O.D. Meth
The Amphetameanies


Surely there are hundreds of other band names or songs that would qualify for this page. Check out this list of slang names for amphetamine and maybe you will come to think of some:

Spoof, speed, crystal, glass, crank, tweak, yaba, dex, ice, batu, chalk, go-fast, shabu, zip, croak, chard, dope, creep, bomb, crypto, fire, white cross, tweek / tweak, uppers, shabu shabu, amp ... and some legal amphetmaine-like products: desoxyn, dexedrin, ritalin, phentermine, fenfluramine, ephedrine ...


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