A legal alternative to amphetamines

NB: The laws regarding ephedra have changed nowdays. You can hardly get a hold of any legal ephedra or ephedrine anymore but you can always grow your own ephedra or buy some legal party drugs that is supposed to give energy and a nice feeling a bit similair to speed.



Some people who use speed doesn't seem to be aware that you can get a somewhat similar - but weaker - buzz on a legal (depending on where you live) upper. I am talking about ephedra/ephedrine.

It may take a couple of tries before it works on you but for some the kick is rather wonderful. Please note though that caffeine (and also guarana) almost doubles the effect of ephedrine so be careful with the dosage if you have been drinking coffee.

Ephedra was recently made illegal in some countries. In Sweden for example, it is no longer legal to sell ephedra as meant for human consumption. Resulting in Internet shops selling it as a "collectors item" or similar.

Go legal and stop worrying about cops

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