I am Briang on that site, btw. Check the post dated 3rd December 4: You are commenting using your Twitter account. The energy then passes to the ground. If the outputs are connected together they will operate as a single ignition coil would but with the potential to deliver 2x the current.

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This is epecially problematic with coils becasue the voltage would oscillate and the circuit would be unstable. Have i got it right? Looks ok as far as I can tell. Does it require its own 9v battery for power?

Even with some insulation, at coi, voltage there is some arcing everywhere over the tops of the coils. I will use it to power Tesla Coil. In the photo, it shows the initial setup with two ignition coils. It would be relatively simple to make a circuit which oscillates at a fixed frequency anywhere in that range, but being able to adjust from DC to 5MHz with one HV device would be very tricky and expensive.

I am using my own timer astable circuit to create the square wave.

mosfet – Controlling the Spark plug using IC – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

What would be the solution to protecting this diode? Should you have the patience to look at it, I would be interested in your comments on the veracity of some of the information offered. Thanks for the reply.


I have an MSD Blaster 2 car coil 50KV and another normal car coil at home and i wanted to achieve the following conditions: Since the coil has a condenser wired across it, we have made a ‘tuned circuit’.

Can you explain this and suggest an alternative way of measuring the secondary current. Sometimes the varistors fail catastrophically, and can thefore take out another component with it. Something like the power pulse controller mosfe work well with an IGBT.

DIY Ignition Coil Driver

Breadboard is not suitable. The sparks in the photos below are from one ignition coil only however. For example; you have a driver like on this page driving an ignition coil at a set frequency.

Tracker, A plasma globe needs to be AC. Yes, this is a common method used for powering electrohydrodynamic thrusters known as lifters.

Ignition Coils (Penguin’s Lab)

Now any arc could easily be modulated with audio. The transistors are exposed to HV spikes mostly when ibnition circuit is being used for making sparks. This is because you are pulsing energy into the coil but not absorbing it on the output, the only place for the energy to go is to reflect back into your circuit.


The way you have shown VR1 would just give the same resistance all the time. Or igjition it an activation key for HV coil to produce voltage? You will still need to protect the array from voltage transients though.

When the voltage moosfet sufficiently high the air ionizes and becomes conductive. Ok, reducing the duty cycle and increasing the frequency will be helpful. Can a blown capacitor on the rotary switch be the cause? Sw1 need to be opened or closed? If you want a compact, high power more than above get a flyback, and moseft ZVS flyback driver Zero voltage switching. Thus it serves as good protection for all the sensitive parts of the circuit.

Essentially both plugs and the secondary winding is in series.

I read on a website somewhere that someone used a 24uF capacitor, and that output was very powerful.