Did my default fan curve suddenly change? How much is that GT? We’re having a real hard time coming up with something here I dont doubt that youve tried it but he should try it with and without the gt to really see if its worth it. Anyways, OP should just try out his as a dedicated physx card. All you’ll need is a second PCI-e slot really, and you should be fine.

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GhoX Follow Forum Posts: Features may vary by product. Just out of curiosity, have you ever used one? Yeah, exactly what RaisingCain said goes for me too, and also no disrespect meant too, if that was implied anywhere. I’ve been thinking I’d keep it for that when I upgrade. I was using my old card too, had I spent money buying a new one I’d probably have sent hatemails to nvidia. Knowledgebase Our knowledgebase is available online 24x7x and contains answers to the most common questions and issues.

GTX TI FPB + GT as Physx Card? – EVGA Forums

Without getting to long winded the short answer is yes, it will provide some benefit. BFG GT OC Review “Performance phyx suddenly become affordable; and the next-gen, finally, will start to become the now-gen, physz many, many more gamers out there. Bring back the main forum list. View More Photo Galleries. Deformation for real-time rendering of changes to the world geometry creates life-like effects such as non-rigid terrain deformations from explosions, and breakable buildings.


San Diego, CA Status: It will vary per title, in game settings, resolution, clocks etc etc. Intel Core iK 4.


I hope he does get some numbers up with and without an gt physX on a ti. Your search for the perfect graphics card is over.

Blistrax Follow Forum Posts: Well of course as there are many variables. High Physz Range HDR lighting with 16x full-screen anti-aliasing brings cool cinematic effects to game scenes without compromising image quality. NLahren Follow Forum Posts: Marfoo Follow Forum Posts: Also, what resolution you’re playing at and the amount of eyecandy you like, can have an impact.

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Phhysx ideal combination of power, performance, and price, GeForce GT offers GeForce 8 Series goodness, processor cores, and a bit frame buffer for jealousy-inducing DirectX 10 gameplay at ultra fast frame rates.

It would be awesome if we had some hard data on different cards together in every combination but i havent found that yet.

The more powerful cards phyex the gtx an fps gain though. Thanks, this is the resolution I run as well. Read my first post again.


You can not use the Ageia PhysX cards. As a matter of fact it was twice as good as using my i7 for PhysX.

I dont doubt that youve tried it but he should try it with and without the gt to really see if its worth it. If you’re disagreeing with what I posted, you’re free to show your evidence.

Buying an 8800GT as a dedicated PhysX GPU

You won’t be disappointed in its performance, and you won’t be disappointed in the cost. Depth of Field DOF enables in-game “focus” effects, such as sharper focus to objects viewed through the scope on a rifle. This is the only way to really tell if youre slowing things down by adding an older card for PhysX, you guys can guess all day but you dont REALLY know.

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You can get one of those old Ageia PhysX add in cards for cheap refurbed or new.