Bluetooth connectivity make connections, send files, etc. As I said, a number of things could have been done to push the range even farther. It is based on our famous long-range 10 km-class technology. The slave, or incoming port, accepts connections. The AIRcable Industrial is an extremely versatile communication tool.

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You can use it with: Receive data from Bluetooth enabled sensors in a warehouse or factory hall with one receiver. The unit can be powered up through the RS interface.

– AIRcable Host XR

Aricable Silicon Radio 10 Unified 22b Chip version: Additionally, given its high sensitivity, it can extend the range of weaker Bluetooth devices like cell phones and headsets by hundreds of meters. Our customers frequently report range of m to a standard smartphone.

This products is built for outdoor use where autonomous operation, flexible communication and long-range are important features. Some older Windows systems do not have Bluetooth software pre-installed. You won’t lose any functionality over the XR2, and personally, I find the design of the XR a little more appealing; the XR2 looks more at home in an adult toy store than the desk of a hacker, but to each his own.

And, you can sync your phone and PDA this way too from further away. This means everything from simply scanning for discoverable devices to launching an active attack with something like Bluetooth Stack Smasher.

What is it?

In nost mind this is easily the best GPS software available on the Android platform, and is exceptionally useful for finding ohst and range to an arbitrary target. The slave, or incoming port, accepts connections. In addition to this, it includes a built-in temperature sensor that gathers environmental data that can be accessed from the application program.


For example, data streaming in from a sensor connected to the serial port can be loaded directly to its file system.

You could also use an external 2. Because the master can connect to another unit, data can be forwarded on to a central location. Aluminium case for reduced interferrence and increased sensitivity. One of the things that has kept Bluetooth security on the back burner in many people’s minds is the fact that Bluetooth is generally a very short range protocol.

aicable Solution Tech Specs Support. I had somebody hold a cellphone set to discoverable mode, put one of the Host XRs on the roof of my car, and started driving. Since there two ports using SPP, both are able to send and receive data. As I said, a number of things could have been done to push the range even farther.

The device’s on-board file system allows you to run BASIC programs and store information gathered by its data-logging function. Unfortunately, as the process to put the newer firmware releases onto regular hardware has changed, and due to the fact that doing it wrong will brick the hardware, I have been unable to work on this yet.

Both of these changes are an attempted capitalization on the fact that the Host XR series is essentially the aurcable mass-marketable product AIRcable has in their line; it is conceivable that the average person might even pick one of these things up in their local electronics shop if it was marketed correctly.


AIRcable Host XR5

Visit the support page. Best of all, the unit doesn’t have to be connected to another device for the file system to work.

As you can see, the range with even the stock 3 dBi antenna is more than twice that of a Class 1 Bluetooth device. As such, the ranges reported here have actually been rounded down from the measurement reported by GPS Status. For more practical use, you can connect it to a 9 dBi omni-directional antenna, which will give you a range of hundreds of meters when working with standard Bluetooth devices like phones and headsets.

AIRcable Audio XR | Wireless Cables Inc.

You can still walk around to the next room or in the yard without losing the connection Print range extender Print to a Bluetooth printer from your PC directly to the printer down the hall.

Compatibility Works with hosy Bluetooth devices. It also has a battery-backed real-time clock and a persistent file hoet for data logging as well as a SD card for FAT file system. Weather-proof versions are also available. I have bought a second Host XR specifically for this purpose, and will update this page if I find out anything useful. In contrast to WiFi