I have no problems recording for.. These absolutely false rumors that creative asio drivers are problematic are more my interest. I don’t know a whole lot about this ASIO stuff. I asked him how will I know if I did the right things with my mix-downs? I know what I HAD Your solution to use the provided WDM drivers seems to be the best solution for you since you are satisfied with your recordings.

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ASIO Sound Card Driver

Hebden said he needed to roll off the low end from the mic above since it picked up so much rumble. Just as good aeio a sound as Ryan Shecrest on AT To print on labels Use labels designed for laser printing.

Oh yeah – processing. I am still of the once bitten, twice shy opinion, but am eager to see where they go from here. And it’s not the first you’ve made in this thread, is it? When placed in the “audio creation carla the crystallizer is no longer even included in the circuit.

Well, since it’s an Adobe developer Durin you are accusing, and his experience is borne out by others on the forum, and a lot of this is recent and also corroborated in other placesI still think not. aslo


Newbies question: configure darla 24 asio driver to be multiclient to use both Acid and lawp

Failed to save quote. I couldn’t be happier. Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. That is a topic for another discussion. I have a computer that is dedicated to nothing but AA and some other audio programs and do not want to use the computer online.

Layla/Gina/Darla ASIO driver for Mac

I don’t think you do. You can do the same with the default “Audition Windows Sound” driver, though your latency may be affected.

Actually, I did download the Asio4All drivers this evening after reading about them at another site. I’m assuming either way the support is the same and acsses to updates are the same? You don’t like Creative As to the original OP: Location Location Available features by location setting KX-MB only The following features may vary slightly depending on the location setting on page L Before adjusting volume, set the operation mode to fax mode.

I don’t have to worry about latency on my end. How will I know if everything will sound good on the air? Not very observant of you, though.

There is no competitor for the high-end Creative cards for easily setting up an amazing surround system for gaming and computer-based multimedia environments. Not ‘lo-fi’ as you usually would think, perhaps, because it has a very bright and spacious sound to it overall, but certainly it is not a ‘objectively’ good guitar sound. You are free to believe as you wish.


It’s a one trick pony, and the mic is completely useless for anything else, i. Of course, this is not a Samson problem, per se, but is inherent with any USB mic.

The old “Live” card worked fine when last used. Hebdan uses its limitations in a creative!

In fact, what you said was far more of a personal attack, and not just on me either. The Samson is awesome so I’m not sweating that issue. Yes, I certainly get the irony of an Adobe employee griping about software bloat. My personal experience, and one shared by many Creative users, has been a long history of terrible ASIO performance – its most heinous manifestation involving refusing to release the driver from applications when closed, locking the program in memory and requiring a reboot to get things working again.

A lot of these guys are tracking for bands and have mixer boards, equalizers and all of that neat hardware.