If you want simultaneous playback, get yourself a little behringer mixer and run the interface and you’re built-in soundcard to it. The presence of this tool in your system is ideal for supporting all the challenges that come with your inbuilt sound card. Moreover, the tool comes as a complete set of all the drivers which means you will never experience any malfunctions when it comes to the handling of this application. I just want to be able to learn Maschine and not have awful user experience when merely trying to hear audio on my own computer at the same time. Pretty decent for monitoring: Free audio and mp3 editor that anyone can use to meet all their music editing needs. Here you can see all running apps including metro apps.

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Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count. Download and installation help. Fwik a4all is multiclient and you still can use other win audio drivers mme. Click here for a beginner’s guide Help for other topics available in the support area: If you have windows 8 this also could be a metro app still running in the background like e. In most cases it’s point 1. The DJs can attest to the fact that some of the challenges of the sound system can actually ruin your day.


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Select and terminate them. If there’s still no sound and the playback device in the Asio4all panel’s expert settings is marked red saying it could be in use by another device then check if really all other applications that use audio c2 closed including web browser. There are no other audio drivers that are recommended by Alesis for when your custom Alesis driver fails. We never had an issue using asio4all at 44,1 kHz although windows is using 48 kHz v system sound.

Yeah, but boooo for having to use headphones with Maschine all the time. Discussion in ‘ Technical Issues Archive ‘ started by am3ndJul 4, You could directly close it from here by selecting the app and choose “end task”.

ASIO4ALL – Download

If you want simultaneous playback, get yourself a little behringer mixer and run the interface and you’re built-in soundcard to it. Like, if you avoid trying to play youtube and Maschine at the same time, you will be fine. Your name or email address: A sample rate incompatibility but this is very rare FIX: As long as you’re happy!

If you can find a one then select it and choose “end task”.

Free Download for Windows. So the ability to listen to youtube, or music, or anything on my PC is rendered impossible. Apart from metro background audio apps it also can be a still running flash player which is blocking audio. Leave this adio empty. So speakers usb and 3.


Open the advanced settings of the asio4all control panel and here check “always resample I plug in my headphones to use maschine. There are plenty of audio drivers aso4all are better than this one but they are not universal which is why this driver is so great. However, I still have the issue every once in a while with my Mbox. It should be given 4. Now reboot your system.

Conclusion If you haven’t worked with ASIO before then you will struggle to auxio and use the driver and the developers are not very helpful when it comes to teaching you. Winamp A hugely popular and versatile audio and media player.

More reviewed on June 24, Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari.