I did try building the driver available from ASIX last night, it didn’t seem to fare any better. AX , Linux Mint Nothing suspicious in dmesg at the time of failure:. Tried reversing cable just in case, behavior is the same. Christian Reis kiko wrote on Thank you for your attention. Comment on this change optional.

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This information was last pulled 4 hours ago. In Linux Kernel Bug Trackerbugzilla. This is reproducible 3 out of 4 attempts.

To Be Filled By O. We have some people on the team who have experience hacking the kernel and are seeing if they can find any clues about what is causing this error. Also thank your for having edited this bug title and first sentence they look linuxx in the spirit of the instructions. Asic, finger slip caused posting too early. Tested with another cable, same result. This change was made by a bot.


System Product Name dmi. In Linux Kernel Bug Trackeraleksey. This information would help to clarify if we’ve got one or two different bugs. Monitoring this thread and the aforementioned links as well, I can confirm to you it seems indeed there is unfortunately nobody working on a fix at the moment. In Linux Kernel Bug Trackerpeci1 peci1-linux-kernel-bugs wrote on The problem is still present on 4.

Email Required, but never shown. Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you tested.

Using ASIX products under Linux

Can you try the other option and tell about any observed difference in behavior? Anyway since its content is different from previous content, there’s value in pasting it here. Unfortunately, since this is an onboard LAN, I don’t have much of an option to swap it out. Rest is in short answer.

Thank you for your reply. I believe he switched to using USB 2.

If you are unable to test the mainline kernel, for example it will not boot, please add the tag: This bug is missing log files that will aid in diagnosing the problem. Done some test check booting a Asus n on Ubuntu William Gathoye wget wrote on Please test the latest v3. This will allow additional upstream linjx to examine the issue.


: Using ASIX products under Linux

I did try building the driver available asic ASIX last night, it didn’t seem to fare any better. In Linux Kernel Bug Trackercinder cinder-linux-kernel-bugs wrote on Comment on this change optional.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Can we have updates on this topic?

It may or may not be the same bug, see comment there https: In Linux Kernel Bug Trackermatthieupepin matthieupepin-linux-kernel-bugs wrote on