A1 does its work now. I have seen this myself and this is why I tell people that if they change the encryption method, to also change the SSID at the same time. I’m using these new drivers with the DWL-G Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy But soon after installing the driver and use the device, the same “hanging” problem occurred. It would never work, and I finally realized I had to either disable the auto-select to allow manual connection , or to add the new network to the auto-select list.

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It fixed the problem.

[ubuntu] Help With Atheros WLAN card

Dibbet to AxelFoley8 Anon Feb-5 6: Please email me and let me know your thoughts. The only way to use the laptop again is to hard reboot it. I am currently using the. Also, I can use the device, i.

atheros/net5211.inf Driver File Contents (

However, I DO face 2 problems with this sevice, that make it useless at the moment. A card that doesn’t report the noise is like a car with a speedo and no other gauges. I recently upgraded and now my “Auto Select” doesn’t appear to be working; instead of finding and associating, it simply says “Current Profile: It does bounce around.


The particular key is binary, so other than blowing away the key and letting EAPOL create a new one — there is no other way.

Generally around 40db SNR. The mouse and keyboard stops responding totally, although I can still see some activity going on in the windows via the display. Video doorbell without WiFi? This problem usually occurs atherox the first 15mins of using the adapter. Finally got the new one and it is up running on my G card.

Maybe when you updated the drivers, the auto-select list got erased?

[Info] Atheros v drivers (for DWL-G) – D-Link | DSLReports Forums

Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? My signal is good — dB. Anyway, I’ve installed the driver i. I’m using the drivers. I have seen this myself and this is why I tell people that if they change the encryption method, to also atheris the SSID at the same time.

I get about dB extra with the reflector. And have no ndt5211 on the acu file. If so, I’ve found that the Auto-Select profiles only works with what’s defined in the auto-selectable profiles list which isn’t the same as the main list that shows all the profiles you have, or all the networks it detects.


Yea, I just copy and paste the new ar The only problem with the drivers on their website is that it takes like a minute before their user interface loads after Windows boots up. Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service However, I am curious what these new drivers do tha the old ones don’t. Not much really other than add the XR which doesn’t matter to me, and change the power setting from 79mW to mW. I didn’t really have a reason to upgrade other than to afheros what it did.

But what do the. I don’t think it has an Atheros chipset and therefore cannot be used with this Atheros driver. I ran into the same problem. If anyone knows of a way to get the noise