Why would I want any AV product near my email or web browsing, just so it can hijack certs, spy on me, inject adverts, and annoy the hell out of me with popups and noises. These options apply if Script scanning is enabled in Main settings. And after reading your recent review of Kaspersky, I decided to try that out soon as well. The last time I used AVG was at least 5 years ago. I also run anti-spyware: I had extremely long boot times.

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For more information about a specific file type, tick the file type and refer to the information wbshield Packer description at the bottom of the screen. AVG responded with a fix several days later but it was rejected as it did not resolve the issue completely. I also get some protection from browser-mediated threats by using NoScript and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.

Yup, a friend of mine sent me an email with that little extra as well. Of vag AD pop up are annoying but its consume less memory resources and stable. A quick check on this site—search bundled adware—shows the following list of articles:. I also use Private FW. Then my PC got slower and slower. Activity may be recorded even if you disable it Websheild Internet users still prefer weak passwords over secure ones CCleaner 5. Google’s response made it clear that there was more at stake.


I use Avast free.

AVG Antivirus: Online Shield Settings

Greed has turned everything to shit. Bill said on January 1, at 1: Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I doubt their browsing habits are any riskier than mine, and the biggest difference in our setups is that I use NoScript. Please websbield on the following link to open the newsletter signup page: To scan all file types with two characters in a file extension, type??

AVG putting millions of Chrome users at risk

This screen allows you to select which browsers are scanned, including other applications which use Windows Script Host Webshiield to run their own scripts.

These options apply if Script scanning is enabled in Main settings. I had extremely long boot times.

Warn when downloading files with avv reputation: Gary D said on January 1, at To block a website: There it was in the extensions and settings. I cannot attest to which catches viruses best, but can attest that all the others except Windows Defender pester me and also slow my boot time from 5 to 10 seconds more than Bitdefender does.


AVG’s second update attempt on December 21 was accepted by Google, but Google did disable inline installations for the time being as possible policy violations were investigated.

Online Shield Manage these settings from: Zvg only use file protection. No more can be said. It would be interesting to see how beneficial, or not, all those security software extensions are that get installed alongside antivirus software.

For example AVG PC Tune Up cause memory spike for no reason or probably the users ran the programs that change something in the Windows setting making the system run slower including crashes. Windows built in firewall is fine for most users. I have used Bitdefender for many years, but in China Bitdefender and Webshoeld has been blocked off and unable to properly update, Unless use the proxy.

In a letter to AVG he wrote: PUP and suspicious files: Vrai said on January 1, at 3: