Sun Jul 24, 6: It was switched automatically. USB description data for identification Manufacturer: There is plenty of help available regarding kernel building. So I recommend “M” as the choice for configuration. Sat Jul 23, 1: This question was expired because it remained in the ‘Open’ state without activity for the last 15 days.

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Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_BCM_WIMAX: Beceem BCS/BCS and BCSM wimax support

Bus Device Let’s assume the driver name is “bcm” file “bcm. For many examples for the setup see http: The “make” mechanics will compile only the parts where changes were made.

Just run “make” in the kernel source folder. I’m new to Ubuntu, so I have yet to study their terminal function, but any feedback will be appreciated. If you want to change driver parameters in the way I described, you have to preload the module before plugging. You don’t need all that “Init2” stuff, abridge it to “ATE1”.


Run “dmesg” repeatedly to get the latest system update. I got another one in bccd mode: Anyone can come up with idea to make it work? To change that parameter, unplug your device and reload the module: Apparently, this mode switch enables bcsk250 to switch the product ID. It was switched automatically.

WiMAX USB Dongles

If the driver does not work as expected you can try to reach its developers. Found devices in default mode, class or configuration 1 Accessing device on bus I don’t think it’s possible to change parameters if the module is already loaded check “lsmod”.

This way, compiled objects will wi,ax re-used and not cleaned out every time.

There is plenty of help wkmax regarding kernel building. Looking for active driver Sat Jul 23, 1: Fri Nov 02, Users browsing this forum: Looking for target devices Either detached before or never attached. If you have gotten advice to do so, forget it – it’s totally outdated.


Getting the current device configuration Bus Device Ubuntu recognised the USB modem, under lsusb, it stated: OK, got current device configuration 1 Using endpoints 0x02 out and 0x81 in Using endpoints 0x02 out and 0x81 in Inquiring device details; driver will be detached I try Windows driver with Wine but not working.

Anyway, the thing reacts to AT commands which is good. I don’t understand that sentence.

Sat Jul 23, 2: In any case, the device should be discovered by the driver. Google is your friend.