Most of the times, operating systems apply a generic driver that allows computers to recognize the scanner and benefit from its basic scan functions. First head over to http: It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. All of you guys contributing to my final success: So I just did evrything like described above but with PS1Gfw. I don’t what version of Ubuntu you are using, but you are looking for a terminal a command line where you can type stuff In Gnome you click on the Gnome start button and go to accessories, then terminal.

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Setting Up a Scanner Hardware in Linux

I’m really having a hard time understanding Ubuntu. First you need xsane to be able to scan things at all.

No such file or directory I tried typing the commands you listed but still get the message that this directory doesn’t exist. The following options can be used: You need to get that file from http: The Mustek BearPaw and scanners are supported by the plustek backend.

mustek bearPaw 1200 cu plus free software?

Or you can just wait for it to finish. Hi Thanks for a great description, thanks to you and few other guys finally came to the conclusion I have no clue anymore! Yes, you guess right. Besrpaw go to get firmware.


Geeks Wasting Time: Adding a Bearpaw CU Plus scanner to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Netbook Remix

Don’t forget to logout and login again after that. If you still have problems after doing all this, try to change de the.

This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. More detailed bug information is available at the Mustek backend homepage http: I bearoaw a macbook these days. This is only supported with Linux 2. Thanks for the tutorial, it was very useful.

First we use sane-find-scanner to check if kernel support USB scanner: If this variable is not set, the configuration file is searched in two default directories: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And there was a horizontal blurred not clear line at the same place for every A4 scans.

This is the picture your scanner is seeing, trying to be displayed as text! Thaks a lot Darren!

And guess what I took the wrong file: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Like Lee I am new to Ubuntu and I don’t know how to get past one problem.


The sane-utils package contain two tools we need. Notify me of new comments via email. First, we need sane backend, that is what works with your scanner on the apparatus level, include driver, firmware, etc beearpaw some utilities, which very help us in configuration and diagnostics.

However, before you download this driver, check to see if the present release is compatible with your scanner model and, afterwards, make sure the package supports your computer OS version and bit architecture.

The second line sets the buffer size to a maximum of bytes. There was not the line for smaller scans, for example, 10×15 photo if we put them where the line does not across.

I use Mustek BearPaw ta scanner and it worked like a charm. If you lose one linjx more of the XSane windows, you can get them back again by going to the Window menu of XSane and ticking on the ones you need.

If you need more help just let me know.