There you will see a lot of directory’s with language codes. Check your driver it should be 5. When i update bios, its error message is “no soundcard device”. Am about to try removing the device in Safe Mode, if that doesnt work, as a last resort I’m back to my creative PCI board – at least that obselete crap worked. This soundchip is installed on a lot of mobo’s. I can’t listen to music using the frontpanel.

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C Media Cmi Azalia AC97 Codec –

Even Asus ssssh, wash my mouth has installed this soundchip. It has the driver version 5. I have try all but I don’t get nothing, there is no audio. Azalia old ver 5. The Bios version is 1. Does the Cmedia CMI chipset support mic boost.

When i update bios, its error message is “no soundcard device”. What does it mean last line: Have tried installing the Knowledge Base fix manually – but of no avail. I’ve already ran digicell and it says sound speaker not supported.


C-Media CMI(Azalia) AC97 Codec Driver Sound driver download

Need some help with cmedia azalia driver. When system staret is quiet. I enjoy it but i have a problem it’s onboard soundcard.

Although It appears in record properties. Thats using the optical cable. Have fun with it.

Install manually kb from your language dir and try to Install Cmedia driver. Need some with this. Hi everyone I decided to post this thread because when i browse the forum i see a lot cni9880azalia trouble with installing the sound drivers for the cmedia CMI driver and nowhere is a clear or cocec anwser.

Its all installed, but I sill don’t have sound I think, this problem is result from Cmedia audio codec or microsoft Hd audio bus driver.

The issue occurs when you run the setup. Azalia driver works very well under Windows XP bit version!

I bought Msi Neo2 Platinum include Cmedia audio codec mainboard. Then I read the Forum instructions, unistalled the driver and first install the Cmii9880azalia and after the cmedia driver.


You have to run azalia setup using MSI Autorun to install it successfully. I have requested and demanded many times from Corbell and MSI regarding to the above matters and there is no reply? In the directory c-mediq see an. I wait your help.

Anyone have any clue of software that’s best for what I’m trying to accomplish? When this is done you can run the setup.

C-Media CMI8768 Driver

When you examen your system closely you’ll see a pci device that dissapears when you disable the soundchip in the bios. This deserves a sticky. Everything OK but I can’t listen Tv audio. It seems that the gentlemen from Cmedia forgot a little part in their driver setup. Why the Live Update 3 and CD did not have ver.