The following are the application programs implemented in the terminal Table 3. NET Compact Framework 2. Most relevant reviews See all 29 reviews. The terminal resumes operation mode and completes Bluetooth connection, and then receives the task mail from the Bluetooth mobile phone. This protocol is the second layer data link layer of OSI basic reference model, and it can be used not only via IP network but also via various paths such as frame relay and ATM. Auto Recovery Tool This utility uses the backup tool to back up system data, restore system data and automatically execute user designated applications. Sites Button This button displays the per site privacy actions screen to set privacy by site.

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The following are the application programs implemented in sgnc terminal Table 3. Power Control In order to save the power, the power will not be supplied to the laser scan module and the ASIC module for laser beam control during the laser beam is not irradiating. Displays recently displayed document file names. The input method selected in this pull-down menu will become the default for the input panel. Dialing This applet is for setting telephony.

Information in this document is subject to change without advance notice. They seem well made and sound fine. Setting SR Mode Parameter 2.


Display owner identification Set the checkbox enabled to display the owner information when the terminal starts up. Turning off the power when the WLAN module is not in use can save power, prevent line congestion and allow the on-board use in aircraft.

Start in full screen mode Set the checkbox enabled to display the full screen when the Internet is initiated a next time. Don’t buy 3303 cheap earbuds. After the connection has been established, communication in Bluetooth can be continued using the selected profile until the connection is terminated. Manages storage location and its disk partition.

Resume with warning at time of startup Battery Pack The following shows statuses and levels available for the battery pack. Type Lines up icons in order of category. cssio

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This cannot be performed in application. Work phone This field is for specifying a phone number at work. Skipping Restore When the auto restoration about takes place, pressing 5 key on the terminal will output a warning sound and skips the imminent restoration process.

Remarks Calibration data xasio OS build information are excluded. The screen size of the file must be set in x dots. The terminal will be automatically reset after about 5 seconds when the restoration of data in the step 4 is complete. Button This button displays advanced setting screen for detail security setting by zone. State in that the terminal is running or application is running on the terminal.


If any new data scanned after exceeding over nine labels stored already in the memory will be disregarded. IT Quickstart Guide Developer. Default Button This button returns the setting contents to the default ssync. Enhanced Laser and Imager Scanner Application. ActiveSync By linking with the ActiveSync client installed in the terminal, this utility makes communication with the terminal possible.

User Definition This indication mode is used for other notifications freely defined by the user. The applets are used to set the parameters required for the terminal and integrated devices.

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In Bluetooth serial communication, this is used for connection to other Bluetooth equipment. The reconnection loop process will end when the terminal succeeds connection establishment with one of the multiple SSIDs registered as prioritized connections. AFH Automatically or manually limits and controls radio wave frequency band to be employed in Bluetooth communication.

This captures the current usable service profile information of the partner Bluetooth equipment. The control panel applets are as follows. See the table below.