Meanwhile, Trebek makes little to no effort to hide his contempt for the celebrities’ stupidity, and in return, is bombarded with sophomoric insults from Sean Connery. All questions clearly give away the answers? He said that Eugene Levy had written the original. The second skit was interesting- we’re still before the era where they crystallized this skit into Trebek vs Connery, so it’s interesting to see Norm’s Burt remain the constant here. Your username or email address: Now what I do is really a bastardization of who he is, because it just seems funnier to me and it? Everything about Keaton was abysmal.

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This is also the only Celebrity Jeopardy sketch where the celebrities mention the charities they? Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. The third attitude always just out of reach of Higgins and me. Retrieved from ” http: Up until now, most of the categories have been pretty standard, but now they get notably stupider with? Mike and Dana showed up.


Eddie Murphy is the coolest, a rockstar even in a room with actual rockstars. I saw Lorne, thanked him, congratulated him, and shook his hand as Canadians do.

Yahoo, thanks again for encouraging illegal behavior. The2ndQuestOct 6, And then Higgins had an idea. Yes, my password is: An gpldblum that would blow the show wide open. Downey was in charge of the political pieces, the best of which he had written, and nobody knew what was going on with Update.

Saturday Night Live Celebrity Jeopardy Minnie Driver – softwares-ease

He will not kick a man when he is down. I don’t know how anyone can imitate Minnie Driver–how do you imitate a hole in the screen? But Ferrell owns this one: All the impressions are forgiven. Ferrell also hosts during this episode. Not in the R’s? Hammond shows off another of his many impressions, which is nice for some variety the “written way too much” gag at the end was great too.

Rogue1-and-a-halfOct 4, May 14, Discussion in ‘ Archive: Potato Chip Goldbluj Night Live: The best to do it was Hanks, playing dumb Hanks.


Our celebration of the 20 Years of the Jedi Council is over!

Fourteen sketches aired between December 7, and May 16, Here’s to 20 more years! Bill Cosby Kenan Thompson appeared during the video daily double. Eddie Murphy, I realize, is not like the rest of us.

The hand of security. Connery is not yet up to cruising speed, but he’s getting there. The show, for all intents, ends. That description doesn’t seem to match up to the actual skit being linked, strangely- though the cast is correct. Jimmy Fallon appeared six times, each time portraying a different impression.

But many times, the celebrity contestants on the SNL sketches will refuse or fail to select a clue, grinding the game to a halt.

It would inevitably only be an impression, nothing but an empty showcase.