Overview Customers Company Other Products: In the United States, you can go to SchedulesDirect and subscribe to have your channel listings updated and sent to you. RunningPanther on May 06, , This is basically your “TV Guide” that sends the channel listings to your device and what shows are on what channels at what time.. It goes without saying that you should back up your system, and your MythTV database, before trying this.

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Karl Beem on January 28, Ceton’s most recent software will not install on Win I will try to support it as I can, but please understand that this comes with no warranty, either explicit or implied.

Installation & Downloads – Ceton

I have re seated the PCI card, unplugged the cablechecked for connection, removed the actual cable card and re seated it too. You should be able to now access the card’s internals from your web browser, typically http: Give this a try before going on to the next paragraph. In other words, the channel may or may not exist, but your subscription does not include this channel if it exists. I wasn’t able to get this working; MythTV was able to change the tuner’s channel and try to pull the stream, but didn’t save anything to disk.

The machine detects the ctn0 but does not assign an IP to the card. And it comes with a free USB mouse and keyboarda rather head-scratching giveaway because anyone going the couch route with their media center needs a wireless mouse and keyboard.


Not hard; just make sure you do this. That is good cetton. Unfortunately MSFT nice enough not to include it in 10, but that is another giant ball of wax.

Get a Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuner for $169.99 shipped

It can literally cost you a couple hundred bucks per year. This is basically your “TV Guide” that sends the channel listings to your device and what shows are on what channels at what time. I also had the Ceton Diagnostic Utility installed on my Win7 64 laptop, then upgraded it to Yuner 64, and the utility still runs and recognizes the 6ETH.

I can’t hear anything but I can see a picture — Video and audio come over the same MPEG feed out of your player, so it’s going to be something dumb like the volume not up on your MythTV machine or in mplayer itself.

Select a channel in the drop-down: If you would like to access the tuner from a machine that isn’t your MythTV backend either by choice or because you have toyou can “port-forward” the web port using SSH. When I first installed MC I had the wrong channel line up any way, went back and changed it and it was working.

There are reports on the Internet of the card working out-of-the-box with Ubuntu Also be sure to avapter ctn0 to the end of the “auto” line so that it will be brought up automatically when the system boots.


Forum Getting Started Purchase Support: Not sure why you are having the issues. Karl Beem on January 27, Thus you will not get anything video in MC.

Ceton and windows 10

Drivers for the device can be found on the manufacturers webpage here. You can always go for “try-all” if you’re not sure, but it will take awhile. You should exit out of mythtv-setup and adapfer. Don’t worry about the syntax of the line or what magic you might be doing: Retrieved from ” http: Did you get one, or adaptr it required?

There’s no recording scheduled — Did you attach the video sources to the recorders AND then run mythfilldatabase?

It might take a good 30 minutes to run. The reviews are surprisingly mixed, though — surprising because most of the people I heard from positively gushed about this cute little player, which can clip onto your person, play both music and FM radio, record audio, and display it all on an OLED screen.

Type the following from the command line works in Ubuntu, at least:.