When not illuminated it acts as a mirror. The final step is to enter a username and password. Next, you’ll be asked to enter a phone number. How long is the warranty period? Like all Windows Mobile 5 smartphones it has speed dial, call history, photo caller ID, and supports call waiting, conference calling and flight mode. This means that if you have a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones, you can pair them to the phone and enjoy your music that way.

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Fortunately, the camera application lets you control the color bias which does wonders to improve shots. Skip to main content. Cingularr that mark, the does exceedingly well. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted The speakerphone is loud enough for indoor or in-car, but not outdoor use.

Themes supplied have too much junk.

HTC Cingular 3125 No Contract Cell Phone GSM Un-locked

Internet is excrutiatingly slow. So far those who’ve owned other STRTrk variants that have been used for 3 months haven’t seen permanent marking. Upgraded from Audiovox – love the ! Input options for text include T9 predictive text input, and the older multi-tap letter selection method.

Cingular 3125 / HTC Star Trek reviewed

Syncing it with my pc was impossible. However, this sliver of a control occupies the top, thinner half of the flap, making it hard to find and press by feel. The circular OLED display on the outside lights up elegantly, not aggressively, with an analog clock, caller ID, or an e-mail alert; it also works as a camera viewfinder.


You can also connect with others in The Informr Community Forum to find and share answers to questions. I wouldn’t use this phone in that way.

Fantastic looks and super slim— a rare thing on smartphones. Once the driver has been downloaded to your Windows PC, it’s time to configure the Cingular Description Reviews The ultra-thin Cingular Xingular is the only smartphone flip today that combines an iconic design with the power, functionality and price to please both businesses and consumers alike.

Bluetooth is robust with a boat load of profiles and it even works with stereo bluetooth headsets and headphones. Reception almost as good as my analog Nokia of 10 years ago. Just find the “Accessories” folder and you’ll find “Internet Sharing”.

Review Sections Review Cingulzr. The is reasonably responsive in most tasks, even with several applications open but it can’t handle video encoded over kbps very well. Rather, you navigate the menus and enter commands via the controls below the display.


There’s no secondary front camera. Maybe I’ll run it over with my car When the phone is closed and idle and you wake it up by pressing any of the accessible keys, it shows an attractive clock, along with signal strength, Bluetooth status, charge level and data network availability. A button on the xingular side of the phone activates the camera.

Cingular – Smartphone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

You can save photos and video to internal memory or a MicroSD card. Become a fan of PCMag.

So stick with QVGA video at rates less than kbps if fingular a video fan. Configure the Cingular Modem Now that your Windows PC recognizes the as a dial-up modem, you must create a new dial-up connection to use it.

The pros are excellent battery cignular, good signal reception, nice mp3 capabilities. Most Windows Smartphones are quite small, of course, but the adds slimness to the equation, along with a form-factor which has only been used on a handful of smartphones, and none in the current generation. It’s an average camera compared to the 1.