We have the golf GPS , golf swing video, golf instruction , golf tees , golf simulators , golf store , golf shop , and most products that are golf related. I am currently working on getting to a single digit handicap. However for the 9 iron and below it may be worth switching in the Cleveland MT irons that will be just as forgiving and maybe a little easier to use. I love my family, the ocean, surfing, the Lakers, old school hip hop and golf. Cleveland’s new Rotex RTX series has been launched, with three sets of irons and two types of wedges on offer. The head of the Cleveland Altitude is large almost hybrid like. Cleveland Golf produced the Altitudes with the purpose of having straight, high and forgiving hits and they have delivered.

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Cleveland Golf 588 Altitude Irons Review

What it does mean is that it will make it easy for those with low swing speeds to get the ball up in the air quickly and easily. By continuing browsing this site you accept our cookies policy.

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The mid irons are clevland good for this level of club with a good size head and not too much of the wood styling on the back.

At a glance TG Rating 3.

Cleveland’s new Rotex RTX series has been launched, with three sets of irons and two types of wedges on offer. I love my family, the ocean, surfing, the Lakers, old school hip hop and golf. And the fixed hosel may reduce customization options, but it is also true that it saves weight. Clevrland iron has a forged club face to enhance ball speed and feel. Please try again later!


Cleveland 588 Altitude Irons Review

Limited workability and may struggle from the rough. Kit averaged yards, his highest on test, while James and Chris had an average dispersion of five and two yards respectively.

I have to say that Cleveland Golf has delivered another quality product for the qltitude world to enjoy with the Altitudes. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

The trampoline effect is enhanced in the toe, centre and heel of the face. This redistribution of weight promotes a higher launching driver with more stability and an increased MOI, that limits twisting on off-centre strikes. Instead, the Altitude is aimed at game-improvement golfers with moderate swing speeds.

Cleveland Altitude Driver: Longer, Higher, Straighter. – Golfalot

Did I mention they fly high? As you reach the short irons, there is still a bigger look to the clubs but they move into more of a traditional looking golf club. Advanced internal weighting adds forgiveness and promotes a lower, deeper center of gravity for optimal launch and effortless distance. Cleveland are known for forgings and with this carrying the name it does have a forged face, but this is a bit of overkill in this type of club despite it being a good selling point.

Cleveland created the Altitudes with a hollow construction allowing more weight to be distributed lower and more towards the rear. These clubs are extremely easy to get the ball off the ground and flying high. Cleveland Altitude Hybrid Iron Set. Aesthetically it looks good. How did the Cleveland Altitude irons score in our Irons Test ? The basic idea behind this technology is to get the ball in the air with more distance and forgiveness.


Here is what Cleveland golf altittude to say about their latest super game improvement irons. They have a wide sole and deep CG to make it pretty darn easy to get up and off those fairways and even the rough. Along with a premium Matrix shaft, the driver promotes more distance and forgiveness with the same swing effort.

The extra size in the head gave a nice ‘zing’ sound at impact and the feel from the face was very good. Cleveland Altitude Driver: A light premium Matrix Radix shaftdesigned for medium-high launch that offers a soft feel and explosive speed.

Cleveland have always placed a heavy emphasis on lightweight performance. The Altitudes were also very good when it came to forgiveness. With this hybrid-iron set, hitting the ball longer and higher has never been easier.