Bottom line is that it is the best performing club I could find right now and I’ll trade feel for performance any day of the week. Actually this is my only criticism so far – it’s a little harder to ‘feel’ your mishits than last year’s model. This is just a great driver. However, I currently have a Taylor Made R The yardage increase from the straight and draw never have had before this club is huge. I purchased it at the beginning of the year as I had heard nothing but how long it was and since I was still using the original Cleveland Launcher , I needed an upgrade. Full Face Performance Alignment of sweet spot and C.

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I have this in my bag along with the 3 Wood and the 2 hybrid and they are sweet. All I did was slow down my swing, kept a nice smooth tempo and the ball went were I wanted.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Tour Driver

Hopefully I can carry over the clevelajd success to the real thing — on the course! This is just a great driver. Overall, the XLS only wants to go straight via a cut swing. This thing is so loud at impact that it actually hurts my ears.

Cleveland Hibore XLS Tour Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

My last round I was getting a bit of a fade, but when I hit it on the screws, it was just long and straight This thing is off the chain. It just feels like this head could fall apart at any second for me. The yardage increase from the straight and draw never have had before this club is huge. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Golf club head covers, tool kits, torque wrenches, or other related accessories should be included whenever possible though are not mandatory.


I hivore work it too. Posted 12 March – The better the condition the higher value given for the item. I’m as shocked as I am ecstatic. Only my Odyssey putter is not Cleveland. Our stores are located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Delaware. To find the right fit for you, call us at Your email address will not be published.

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Today’s Golfer

My typical swing with the original HiBORE produced drives that flew wedge-shot high, very straight… and about as far as a 3-wood. The hardest club for me to hit has always been my driver. Need help selling or trading your clubs? Edited by ProjectX, 29 September – I have not played a ton of golf in my life, probably around 15 total rounds since I started.


The feel and sound was stronger and the trajectory a little lower than the standard version, so if you play in the wind or on firm courses, then this is the one for you. The biggest advantage for me is that I don’t hit the balloon shots anymore and the majority of my drives are very straight. Posted 09 May – So, I am not sure if it is mostly the driver head or the shaft that suits me so well, but this is the best driver combo I have tried to date and I demoed many, many drivers before pulling the trigger on the Cleveland.

This is silly straight I know this is not the newest of Cleveland’s offerings; however, if you are in the market I recommend at least trying this driver on for size.

Even though feel is distinctly dampened in this model, compared to the original this is practically a forged muscleback. Posted 04 April – Posted 03 April – Gives me the ability to work the ball both ways and hit it high or low as well.