They come out of the boxes crispy and new, as made just yesterday. Extra stabile precision version, with all specs better than normal. Brandon Doetzel June 6, at 2: Most tubes are in military boxes, with date code, and Siemens order numbers on it, etc. This tube has a gold screen grid!

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300B SE Project, Part 9 – E180F, E280F, D3a pentodes – triode connected

Electrically comparable, and can be fitted in most EL34 circuits, but it may need some minimal tuning to get the correct bias. Transformers have the ability to give the sound a more “musical” behaviour and especially with the ES which outputs many mV RF noise at the frequency of the clock driving it often around MHz these days can benefit even more by cutting down the the RFI, as even rtiode have probelms handling such levels of RF.

Brandon Doetzel June 6, at 2: Original yellow-red mini watt box. Inside are individual boxed tubes. If you insist on using the ES it sounds okay,if far from great and a Transformer to step up the signal, consider stepping up straight to 2V RMS and using a cathode follower D3a is not a great for that, try WB if you must add triore tube.


I need to process this.

D3a triode – Bartola® Valves

Cannot await to listen to it Yes, I constructed the “zoomed” graph dd3a the Cree datasheet curve was mostly concerned with the higher I region. I tried to pick a reasonable operating point for the tests, based on the tube curves, and some trial and error. Electrically equivalent to EF86, but octal based. Much different from the fragile KT You need to try a bunch of different ones because they all sound different.

Also used by Jean Hiraga. What is the best way to bias a triode connected D3A tube? Use any EL84 schematic to make your own 6V6 amplifier, but also many 6V6 schematics are around.

Bypass it with 10nF silver mica or polystyrene non-magnetic please and connect a 10M resistor across to avoid issues with grid emission charging the battery. So you see, this tube is really a first class product. When looking inside, with a magnifier tripde, I see the huge, flat cathode and D3a had a factory price of DM one. And yes – I’m planning on going “insane” but with directly heated tubes. Lovely made smoked glass 6V6, with hand-blown tube base.


Look forward to seeing your LCR phono. This allows the lower working voltage, yet at lower distortion than the 6L6. Well, these days are gone.

High Gm driver pentodes

There is not much new in what JR does in itself. See special page here. Well, it is easy to do for a specialist. The schematic given here, shows 64 Watt in Push Pull. C3gS Siemens Order Number: Oh, it’s only a Tesla.

The B heater is 10 Watt, whereas 6L6 has a 5 Watt heater.

I also tested a 6SN7 cascade driver, like the one used in the Reichert B. Apart from the socket, and Here is the circuit but with a 1: