The case parts although the front label holds the three segments together, and the board can be slid out taking care not to lose the standoffs. The unit seems to have been labelled in Week 5 of , making it eight years old. This shows me that the flow control is pretty good, with sufficient buffering and good drivers to make sure nothing is lost even at high bitrates beyond their claimed bps supported. Rapid Proof-of-Concept Project Planning. Starting up four sessions of Hyperterminal, I checked the maximum baud rate it would respond to.

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Wireless Design Services World class design and development. This could be used to connect a ball mouse, a modem, a null-modem cable for transferring data between computers, a light-pen or digitizing tablet, amongst other devices.

Here’s the latest v5. It is also available from Synnex. Inside, the unit was still sitting in its plastic-wrap on cardboard cradle.

Edgeport USB – All model USB-to-serial converters Product Detail – Digi International

The Goodies Rather surprisingly, the unit was in its original box, with the tape unopened except by the donor to check the contents. Please log in or register to add a comment. January 19, at 3: Of course, you could add another serial card and get another two ports, but after getting to that stage, diggi would often find issues with IRQ sharing leading to strange behaviour e. In Use The first step was to install the drivers. When you did your testing, edgeplrt/8 kind of flow control did you use?

  82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 DRIVER

Digi Edgeport 8 – Serial Adapter

A distinctive feature is the corner which is slightly recessed and made smaller, with ribbing. I decided to forego diigi drivers offered on the CD, as they were certain to be out of date, and went straight to the ones offered online.

If you wanted to purchase this today, it is still available. Welcome to Digi Forum, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of windoows community. Otherwise, it feels slightly hollow and slightly like a jiffy box you used to pick up from your local electronics shop.

Rather surprisingly to me, they are the company behind the rather popular Xbee modular radios used very often with Arduinos and other microcontrollers.

Of course, while USB to serial adapters are fairly common products today, their driver quality and support do vary depending on the chip.

It was a hassle free install, and off we went. Digi XBee Ecosystem Explore and create wireless connectivity.

Failure Analysis and Mitigation. June 17, at The serial port transmitted data asynchronously with start and stop bit framing, and operated commonly at rates of,, and bps. Starting up four sessions of Hyperterminal, I degeport/8 the maximum baud edgeporh/8 it would respond to.

Digi International is still alive and well today, and still sells and provides support for these products with drivers supporting Windows 8 officially. This is how Digi International came into being in Digi Smart Solutions is now SmartSense. Digi Smart Solutions Temperature and task management. This entry was posted in Computing and tagged computer hardwaresalvageteardowndindowsvintage stuff.


Similar set-ups with banks of modems could be needed if you wanted to set up a fax gateway for an organization. Proudly powered by WordPress. It also offers a self-testing page which allows you to test the ports by digital loopback and by external loopback requiring the loopback plug wired to their specifications.

Teardown: Digi International Edgeport/8 RS-232 to USB Converter

USB to serial adapters by Prolific and FTDI seem to have no trouble with bps, although at such speeds with such voltage swings, errors seem to crop in occasionally. The unit seems to have been labelled in Week 5 ofmaking it eight years old. I suppose that would be what you expect when you pay this edgeoprt/8 for the hardware, from a brand as long-standing and reputed as Digi. These may be the options that can save your bacon when it comes to finicky industrial systems with very fixed design expectations.

The hub is used to daisy chain a total of four chips together to form the 8 port model.