Although some weaknesses can be found in the design of the stand, the Digital Blue QX3 is a durable design, although a few recommended adjustments would increase stability and, more importantly, the amount of light. The bottom cowling of the main unit extends beyond the optics so working distance for manipulation is quite small. The QX5 functions at x, a higher resolution that makes for more detailed image and videos. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

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Fun with a QX5 digital microscope, the upgraded QX3. A personal review.

Images are auto saved when captured. Crops from masters, unmodified apart from bringing tonal balances comparable. No longer available at Amazon. I had to build a Windows XP virtual machine so dihital could run it under Windows 7 other than that under Windows 10 you might have to forget them.

The three objectives are parcentral within an image capture field ca. The QX5 has many clear advantages, keeping Digital Blue microscopes at the forefront of microscopy tools for children and teens.

Noise filtering and downsizing with sharpening gives a usable image to appreciate the organisation of scales on a wing. The camera and lights still need a USB connection to operate. Leave me a comment in the box below.


As for the QX3 the objectives are protected from fingers and dust by a replaceable flat plastic plate. A great way of introducing the youngster to the world at the microscopic scale and digital imaging. Gabbro rock thin section, Open University slide. The stated upgrades are: Their FTP site is broken here.

I would normally have bits and bobs on tripods, homemade gizmos dangling on the end of microscopes etc. Transmitted light from light box, no condenser. If megapixel images are required, the QX5 is clearly not suitable and devices to add a consumer digicam to an optical microscope would be one option. Left, 10x; digitak, 60x. For the 10x and 60x the focus was set midway between lower and upper focus points to gain max. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.

Various software packages can significantly reduce noise in digital images without undue loss of detail e. Fields of view of the three lenses downsampled VGA masters, no cropping.

Digital Blue QX5 – microscope

Monarch butterfly forewing scales, x, Biosil slide. The Digital Blue QX5 microscope was the result. The USB cable links the computer and microscope together, and the software loads easily in order to let the user manipulate the images they capture. Third party software can acquire x stills via WIA support although the images benefit from being downsampled and post capture processed. Objectives in use and characteristics: You are in luck i have it sat on one of my servers.


Originally Posted by goldbergsfg. Although there are some complaints, overall this is a nice toy for the price.

ax5 The wide-range of capabilities and reasonable price make digitwl microscope prefect for learning, exploration and fun. That said, as a model developed for the children and teen market, this microscope has some powerful and surprising features.

More Info Your Email Address. Smaller subjects benefit from being placed on a glass slide or piece of paper to manipulate with the fingers away from the cowling. Like the QX3, modifications can be made to the microscope to improve its capabilities.

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