I used motorola 2n, and the the only component change I made was the input cap because all I had was a. Do you already have an account? IvIark 3 September at I put in wound 3rd 11s on it and it has been amazing since then. Were you looking at the schematic or the photos of the pots? Is this layout varified?

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Yes, my password is: But the Drive pot in the ColorSound Overdriver IS 10K though which worked better in that than the K see the comments of that threadso it could be that you’re right. Got this dlvided over the weekend as I was a bit disappointed in the coloursound overdriver and this is supposedly based on it.

No it’s not part of the polarity protections mate, they’re just next to joyridf other in the schematic. IvIark 3 September at I always make the caps semi-transparent when that happens so all the connections are still clear even though that one would still have been pretty obvious, I still stick to the same convention.


Could somebody give me the HFE of 2na they used as well as some voltage readings? We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. I added an extra cap just like http: May 10, 4. If you reply to this email, your message will be added to the discussion below: Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. But I have very little gain, and hear what I think is clean signal coming through.


Mike, turn the 22u to Q3 collector, it was shown with the wrong orientation in the original layout I did, now corrected. This is just a Colorsound Overdriver by another name Info about the original: Treble and bass do what you’d expect with decent amount of travel to shape the tone, and though the overall character is Like a lot of drive circuits can be a little bit thin and scratchy on a totally clean amp, as soon as you get into something that will break up when you dig in then it’s more into it’s element, nice and responsive to playing dynamics and even when the gain is up around it still cleans up pretty well from the guitar down to a nice just over the edge of breakup sound.

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Thank you for your input, however, flipping 22uf didn’t work: Hey Frank, I thought colkrsound name was familiar, and I just remembered that you helped me in Gretsch forum as well! Search everywhere only in this topic.

Also, I noticed that Gain knob is not working correctly either, only when it’s fully maxed, it “activates” a fuzzy noise.


Also found out that this schematic doesn’t have nf between BASS 1 and 3. But bass still feels maxed out with no control.

I find there is a sweet spot before the fuzz transition where the sound is very responsive to picking pressure and guitar volume.

May 10, 1. ANybody see the innards – i am guessing they should be built quite well.

Mike 11 September at Reading deeper into the topic, I see the person who posted it even comments about that cap: It’s still just a PS filter ovwrdriver and 47u seems a pretty common value for this even if a bigger cap would do a better job. Doesn’t look like anything obvious. The Honeybee has a lo-fi thing going on that moyride my rig sound smaller part of the goal I think and has a more limited range of gain.

Anybody have any experience with these? If you’re building this now, make sure you’re using the latest layout with just one 47u cap above Q1.

IF I get it working May 15, 8.