To ensure that your cable modem gateway operates efficiently for high-speed Internet service, verify that all of the Internet devices on your system meet or exceed the following minimum hardware and software requirements. However, some ISPs require this information to be entered manually. Do not place the device in direct sunlight or in the direct vicinity of heating elements. Position your PC and cable modem gateway so that they are located near an existing cable input connection to eliminate the need for an additional cable outlet. If it appears, select the option. You can use a large variety of Ethernet network devices with your cable modem gateway.

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Start display at page:. If the plug still fails to fit, contact an electrician to replace your obsolete outlet. To configure your gateway cable modem, you must access the WebWizard configuration pages. The WAP on the gateway cable modem provides wireless network service to multiple wireless network devices. If yes, go to step 7.

WebSTAR DPR2320 and DPR2325 Cable Modem Gateway User s Guide

Connect your computer to the cable modem gateway More information. Power SourcesA label on the AC power adapter that is supplied with this equipment indicatesthe correct power source for this equipment.

Detailed descriptions ofeach configuration option follow later in this guide. Install filters on your telephone. The path and filename of the backup configuration appears in the File Name field.

Driver Usb Scientific Atlanta Dpr | softpurbu

My cable modem gateway does not register a cable connection The cable modem gateway works with a standard, ohm, RF uwb cable. Other trademarks listed herein are the property of their respective owners.


To avoid personal injury or damage to your equipment, follow these steps in the exact order shown. Field Name User Setup Basic Rules Advanced Rules Time of Day Rules Local Log Description Use this page to add or delete user profiles and to uusb access rules to those users Use this page to setup access rules that block certain Internet content and certain Web sites Dor this page to configure parental control associated with a content rating service Use this page to configure Web access filters to block all Internet traffic to and from specific network devices based on time of day settings that you select Use this page to view events captured by Parental Control event log feature Virus Protection The following table provides a description of the pages available from vpr the Virus Protection section of the Setup page.

Although the WebSTAR Cable Modem Gateway is designed to support several Ethernet network devices, it is important to view the characteristics of the entire network and not just each individual node. Introduction This guide will walk you through the DSL installation process and will help you configure a computer to access More information.

Do not overload mains AC outlets and extension cords. After 10 to 20 seconds have 22320, the Add New Hardware Wizard window reopens. Professional installation may be available.

The carton contains the following items. You should work with your cable service provider to choose the best location for your USB network devices. Driver Usb Scientific Atlanta Dpr What are the Requirements for Ethernet Network Devices?


Grounding This Product U. These filters allow you to deny or block access to the Internet bythe individual MAC addresses listed in the table.

Scientific Atlanta EPR : – Scientific Atlantic Gateway Cable Modem User’s Guide

Do not overload electrical outlets, extension cords, or integral convenience receptacles as this can result in a risk of fire or electric shock. Do not use this product near water such as a bathtub, washbowl, sink, or laundry tubin a wet basement, or near a swimming pool.

For products that require battery power or other sources to operate, refer to the operating instructions for that product. If this product is equipped with either a three-prong grounding pin safety plug or a two-prong polarized safety plug, follow these safety guidelines to properly ground this product: Several factors can impact the practical limit of the network.

Read the warnings and caution on this page. Wireless The following table provides a description of the pages available from within the Wireless section of the Setup page. Write your password and store it in a secure location known only to you. Place this product on a stable surface. When setting a static IP spr, you must enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway before the static IP address will become operational This information is usually downloaded to your gateway by your ISP.