Did you look at this? Is it time to return the mobo for a replacement? A 4-pin “molex” connector arranged in a square pattern and a pin connector, which can actually be split into a pin and 4-pin connector. Joined Sep 27, Messages 2, 0. When that is rules out, it might be the PSU. I’ll take a picture of my connections later this evening and try posting them to this site.

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I will reply back soon with my success or latest failure Uggghh, I was hoping we were onto a solution here Can anyone offer suggestions! The power supply it’s running is off an HP i recently baught and gutted nnforce4m-a my new system.

Joined Oct 9, Messages 1 0. Anyone have any thoughts? Joined Sep 27, Messages 2, 0. Nforcce4m-a know that’s pretty out there, but i’m considering it a possibility because i don’t know else could be causing the problem on my system since it worked fine for so long.

Could the power switch be faulty? Joined Oct 16, Messages 2, 0. Joined Mar 20, Messages 10, 2. Recently it just stopped working.

RAM Memory 4gb ECS EliteGroup Mcp73vt-pm | eBay

Joined Mar 4, Messages 11, 2. Is it time to return the mobo for a replacement? I only know it’s powering up because the various fans CPU, mobo, case spin up briefly.


I tried to more changes today – I disconnected the speaker no changeand I purchased a really heavy-duty power supply, thinking that maybe the W PS might be related to the problem.

ECS NFORCE4M-A – 3.0 – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2 – nForce4

From what I have read on some various web pages, that square 4-pin connector is for “Pentium 4” processors, and a few sites even state “if you are building an AMD system, leave it unconnected”. Oddly, they state you should connect “PWR1” to the “auxiliary case power supply”.

The manual states that you should connect both the pin power supply and the 4-pin supply. Forums New posts Search forums. Has anyone ever seen or heard of anything resembling this?

If I connect both the 4-pin connector and the pin connector to the MoBo, the board seems to power up for about 1 second and then immediately powers off.


For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I can’t seem to get customer support from the mobo mfg ECSand the supplier I got this board from is horrible about returning calls when I call in, they are always “on the phone with other customers”. Unfortunately, after hooking this up I got the exact same results I’ve been getting all along.


That’s where I have connected it right now. New posts What’s new Latest activity New profile posts. First, check your video card, if you can, in another system. I guess it’s time to send this board back and try to get a replacement. If I pull the 4-pin power connection off the mobo, the fans spin up and stay up, but I doubt the board is getting full power, and I don’t hear the speaker beep.

So I received the new nForce4M-A version 3. This is my first venture into building my own PC, and so far I am about several hundred dollars and only have a large paperweight to show for my efforts.

Would having my various fans plugged into the wrong spots be causing problems? I’m hoping maybe someone on this forum can help me out. It’s brand new, with pre-installed aluminum heatsinks on each one.