JuanTahnahmahrah Logician Nov 1, I have one somewhere. I think I ultimately added it from inside that area. Tue Sep 27, 6: But I suspect that a Snow Leopard start up drive with Boot Camp and Windows 7 will require some sort of drivers for this. It needs to be “unzipped” — not sure if a decompress utility is a feature of Windows 7, but freeware Winzip or PKunzip programs will unzip it.

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Some 32bit drivers just seem to work fine, YMMV.

No, I am by no means abandoning Logic far from it! Even general reassurance is helpful at this point And yeah, if need be, I can pick up an inexpensive midi interface.

macOS Audio

JuanTahnahmahrah Logician Jul 19, Apple also released a Unitor update for OSX in Januarybut the file is in dmg format, so I can’t upload it here. Can’t say if that will work or not. The PC version of Logic doesn’t benefit from gobs of memory.


Interface small, convenient transportation, electric power without. Not satisfied with those reviews? Can you email it to me directly?

Unitor Family Driver

Sun Apr 30, Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Tue Sep 27, 4: The transition happening in Windows 7 is probably akin to the changes after OSX 10 when the power mac was ditched. Sat Apr 29, 9: I didn’t get this far when I posted the question as I gave up when I saw the Patch light – note to self – be more patient!

This is just for a specific project. I ran Logic 5.

User reviews: Emagic MT4 – Audiofanzine

Thanks David – I have that installer and as mentioned, when I oex tried to install it said: Forums New posts Search forums. Eli Logician Jul 12, JuanTahnahmahrah Logician Jul 12, A master keyboard connected between a digital mixer and on one side and expanders and a sampler of the other.

Request a new review. Simply plug in and go seek in the Logic menu. I found the web link to the emagic drivers here The link has been deleted by Apple Tue Dec 06, 9: I don’t own an MT4 and if it doesn’t ksx there are other cheap MIDI boxes out there if the project is worthy of a bit of expenditure or even borrowing a box of a friend.


View unread posts View new posts in emaguc last week Mark the topic unread:: It has always simply worked – I’ve used it since Yosemite and earlier, on this same MacPro. I have never encountered any problem. The update is scarce and this interface does not work on vista or more to my knowledge.

Unitor Family Driver

LEDs remain lit and nothing happens. I use it with Logic Control and Logic 7. It still runs XP okay.