Each instrument driver function call requires a valid instrument handle as an input parameter. And yes, I have reset the hardware as well as the software multiple times to ensure that I don’t have resources competing for COM1. They point to driver sessions and allow for interchangeability. These two drivers must be from the same class. This simple data generation process will return data values to the program variables so subsequent function calls do not fail for lack of data. Do you send a cr lf in labview?

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Most Active Hardware Boards: Today, using current flume driver technology, you cannot make a single instrument driver call from your program if the instrument is not connected.

Fluke fl45 Meter – IEEE (GPIB) Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

Using this technique, you can test your program to make sure it handles errors properly. Driver Architecture Specification available at www.

You can call the Get Next Coercion Record VI, which accesses the coercions by retrieving and clearing the oldest recorded instance. Make sure the option string is empty when you use the MAX albview. The IVI Engine then uses the configuration parameters associated with the fl45 driver session when it executes your application.

Expand Logical Names and select MyDmm. The new technologies introduced with IVI drivers maintain the benefits of traditional drivers while adding features that improve the application development process and application performance. Along with using MAX, IVI becomes even more powerful because it enables you to change settings outside of the application.


Unlike traditional drivers, IVI drivers have a simulation mode in which you can make calls to the driver without being connected to an instrument. For example, when you are using a DMM driver in simulation mode with a simulation driver enabled, a data panel will be displayed whenever the Measure function is called. Back to Top 2. IVI drivers give you features that do not exist in traditional instrument drivers.

Using IVI Drivers to Simulate Your Instrumentation Hardware in LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI

I’ve tried it without, with both, and with either. If you do not have the actual instrument connected to your system, make sure that you select Specific Driver in the Simulate With drop-down.

This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. They point to driver sessions and allow for interchangeability. In addition to instrument interchangeability, users can also simulate their instrumentation hardware with IVI drivers.

Back to Top 4.

Using IVI Drivers in LabVIEW – National Instruments

IVI drivers verify that the values you specify for an attribute are valid. Therefore, you can enable and disable simulation without changing your program.


The option string configures the IVI driver features that you choose: Labveiw you simulate the data that you normally acquire using built-in algorithms to simulate data generation.

You can use Logical Names at class-driver level and can also be used at the specific-driver level. To reduce any discrepancies, the driver coerces or rounds values to the actual value that the instrument uses internally.

You can change the specific instrument drivers and corresponding instruments in your system underneath the class driver without affecting your lqbview code. Message 7 of Does not alter any other behavior in driver operation.

Using IVI Drivers in LabVIEW

Three Types of Simulation. Message 10 of Message 9 of If you previously configured the fl45 driver session for laabview Fluke 45 Digital Multimeter, you can set and use the Initialize VI of the specific driver. Simply replace the resource name string with fl If you enter an incorrect value, IVI drivers return an error through the error out indicator.

The developer can conditionally call the error query VI to learn more details labvoew the instrument-specific error.