Focus is also fixed, covering a range of approximately 10 inches mm to infinity in normal shooting mode. Color was good, with sharp edges and details. Camera QuickLook User Level. The nice thing about memory cards is you’ll be able to use whatever you buy now with your next camera too, whenever you upgrade. The camera’s right side has only a single plastic knob with an eyelet for attaching the wrist strap. Therefore, we don’t recommend the A for taking available-light pictures at night or in dimly-lit interiors.

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Fniepix it is the optical viewfinder window, which provides a fairly accurate though tight view of the image framing. The fixed focal length lens is somewhat limiting in people photography, since its wide-angle view causes distortion in close-up face shots an effect you can see in our “Close-Up Portrait”, and it also prevents you from zooming in on faraway subjects, like individual players on a large soccer field. If most of your shooting is done outdoors, the A would be a very good choice for an entry-level, take-anywhere camera.

Outdoor shots were very pleasing and somehow “inviting” to look at. Camera Operation Because the A has very limited exposure control and small number of external buttons, the camera’s user interface is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate.

Fujifilm FinePix A Series A201 2.1MP Digital Camera – Silver

Along with simplicity and portability, the A also offers some creative options. Finally, the A can be used as a PC video-cam for videoconferencing over the Internet.

Take the low price and add a compact, lightweight body; funepix interface; plus PC-Cam and video-recording capabilities, and it looks like Fujifilm’s new A-Series is off to a great start. Just below the Four-Way Arrow pad, this button controls the LCD monitor in Record mode, turning it on 1 with settings displayed, 2 with settings and a framing grid displayed, or 3 turning the monitor off. Really simple to use, photos suprisingly good!


Digital Cameras – Fuji FinePix A Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

A four-way Arrow pad on ffuji back panel serves several functions, including Digital Zoom control, navigating through on-screen menus, and scrolling through captured images. One of three camera operating modes selected with the Mode dial, this mode allows the user to record QuickTime movies without sound.

Don’t show this again.

Battery life from the included AA alkalines was decent, but you’ll get more mileage out of rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride batteries. A built-in flash is located in the upper left corner, with a small metering window below it and a tiny Self-Timer lamp that counts finwpix the second shutter delay activated through the LCD menu. The camera was able to capture a surprisingly small 2.

The Bad No optical zoom; weak low-light performance; some important functions accessible through LCD menu only; very few manual options. For example, you can record short QuickTime movies approximately 20 seconds, without sound of people, pets, or possessions a great way to document items for insurance records.

Digital SLR Camera 2. In Auto mode, you can use the camera’s Self-Timer mode to trigger a second delayed exposure, enabling you to press the shutter button and then move into position for a self portrait or to join in a group photo before the shutter is released. Skip to main content.

That’s a shame, since it’s outdoor photos show such nice, appealing color. This mode also sets up the camera to take still pictures, but provides more exposure options. It also serves as the “OK” button to confirm menu selections. A great beginners digital camera.


The 2-megapixelwith a 3x optical zoom lens, expands Fujifilm’s midrange line of cameras, while the 1.

Fujifilm FinePix A – Digital Camera | eBay

The tripod mount is too close to the battery compartment door to allow for quick battery changes while mounted on a tripod, but the sliding plastic door is quite easy to open and close. As such it does a good job of delivering good-quality, color-correct images when shooting outdoors or with the on-camera flashbut it doesn’t do well in low-light situations, including indoor available light.

It’s lightweight, uses 2 AA batteries that will last for ages.

Fujifilm’s claim of a 9. Contrary to a lot of cameras that are fuuji sold for children, it has a nice solid feel to it.

See details for description of any imperfections. The camera has very limited low-light capabilities, reliably recording well-exposed pictures at nighttime down to only 8 foot-candles or higher, which is approximately eight fine;ix bright as a well-lit city street at night. Therefore, we don’t recommend the A for taking available-light pictures at night or in dimly-lit interiors.

The A does provide a “digital zoom,” which digitally enlarges the center pixels of the image by as much as 2. Even the “high power” ones the battery manufacturers say are designed for devices like digital cameras.