Forming a standard of video display, Hercules became synonymous with monochrome. Despite complaints from the press over NVidia’s lackluster spec sheet the GeForce sported a slower clockspeed than the TNT2 Ultra , the cards sold like wildfire. First, let’s lay out these differences in a no-nonsense table. Hmm, but where are the ginormous textures? Lets begin by checking out the specifications.

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Lets begin by checking out the specifications. Soon after the announcement, in November of guillemott same year, a French company named Guillemot swooped in an scooped up remains of Hercules.

Upon the acquisition, Guillemot took full control over Hercules’ name, striping the remains of the former powerhouse and assimilating it into the lower regarded Guillemot company. Both cards are still available on the market, although the death of SDR may not be too far off, if only because market forces are seemingly favoring the DDR models across the board. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Whispers around the web. Mac OS X First, let’s lay out these differences in a no-nonsense table. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. It’s a Family feud!

This tradition, of Hercules setting an industry standard, continued through the years. Since brand name recognition plays a substantial role in consumer purchase, Guillemot was able to gain a whole new image.


As prophef of you know, Ars typically waits a while before publishing reviews of certain hardware components. Also, we have a few comments on our GeForce-Linux experience to share. The DDR card, however, is the spawn of Zeus: Both cards are also based on the reference designs from NVidia.

Hercules – Support website

By purchasing the Hercules name, Guillemot was able to sell their products under the name of Hercules, spawning memories of the older days of the former Hercules. Log in Don’t have an account? Guillemot Guillemot Hercules Product: Now things are a bit better, but are the good enough guilemot temp you?

Rather than line up 30 cards from 15 manufacturers and assault you with enough benchmarks to make your head spin, we’ve decided to do a case in pointand this time around we’re looking at the two offerings from Guillemot, aka Hercules. The problem is that Hercules is not the company that they used to be. The motivation behind Guillemot’s investment: If, in our rpophet testing, we determine that a motherboard or a video card isn’t really performing at what we call day-1 propswe typically give it time.

Late though they were, most folks think that this latest iteration of silicon creatine was worth the wait.

Hercules 3D Prophet DDR-DVI graphics card – GF 256 – 32 MB

The name alone brings back memories of the early years of computers, the glory days, if ddr-vvi will. That’s the smoothalicious way to handle ginormous textures. What do these two techs mean to the end user? The problems began with Hercules’ bankruptcy in Early in the days of AnandTech, Hercules quickly gained respect around the lab as a quality manufacturer.


Hercules 3D Prophet DDR-DVI graphics card – GF – 32 MB Overview – CNET

In any case, our subjective experience told us that it was time to put these cards to the test. Both, in a nutshell, share more DNA than we do with chimps, with their outstanding difference being in RAM-type, price, and one more thing: Suddenly, everybody needed it even though nothing really supported it. Forming a standard of video display, Hercules became synonymous with monochrome. When we received our first units 3 months ago, the driver’s weren’t so hot, and the cards had a hard time really differentiating themselves from the TNT2 Ultras out there.

As mentioned before, the company formally known as Hercules was synonymous with quality.