IDE currently has several top secret projects under development for some outstanding clients, aimed at saving lives and making the world a better place. HeadMouse Extreme is an mouse emulator designed to provide full mouse control of computers for people without use of their hands, but who have good head control. HulaPoint II is a mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The world’s most advanced miniature liquid-crystal-on-silicon head mounted SVGA display with x resolution. Palm III used a dock to charge the permanently-installed battery, weighed less than 7 ounces, and had a whopping 8MB of memory built in.

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Headmaster Plus Model Hm-2P. Allowance of communications between A-D’s staff, it’s distributor’s affiliates, vendors and their reps; Cutting of A-D’s monthly mailing costs by half; Additions to the system, including features to aid Mouse and Track Ball Gus! Pronto’s advanced capabilities, such as the ability for the user to create custom interfaces, helped exceed Philips sales projections in its first year. Or enter your postal code and country to search by location: Although it was never offered to the public, the Intercooler Gyroppint was Bell’s gyropoing of the line helmet in Presents information on the computer software Communicator Version 5.

The Headmaster tyropoint, model HM, is a headpointing mouse emulator system designed to replace a computer mouse for people who cannot use their hands but have good head control.

Samsung’s first cell phone, and the smallest cell phone in the world Samsung Cell Phone — Samsung’s first cell phone featured a backlit keypad and a multi-line graphical display. Read des, Article Courtesy of your local library Enter a library name or part of a name, city, state, or province. History Our founders, the late Dr.


GyroPoint Desk

The form, combined with the overall shape, helped prevent people from putting the Nomad Jukebox into their pockets possibly damaging the 6GB hard drive. Aims of the system; Comments from Brigette Haynes, director of business development at Cognos. Features Livelink Version 8.

By designing a single, slightly more complicated casting, IDE was able to reduce the cost of goods and improve the fork’s gyropint. Multiple award-winning triathalon race bike Kestrel KM40 — Winner of multiple design awards and many positive accolades from professional riders, dessk 3.

Mouse and Track Ball | AbleData

Photo courtesy of Retrocosm. The EFS-1 made it possible gyroopoint capture digital images using your existing 35mm SLR film camera, making your collection of expensive lenses and accessories no longer obsolete.

World’s first hard drive MP3 player Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox — The design team at IDE created a soft, integrated form with beautiful sculptural surface transitions, yet obviously reminiscent des, a portable CD player.

Infogrip Switch Adapted Mouse. EFS-1 was triggered by the sound of the shutter clicking. World’s first touchscreen home theater remote control Philips Pronto TS — Pronto made use of its graphical LCD touchscreen to control any device, and control it well.

Adaptive Computer Control Technologies Inc. Its computer 3D modeled airfoil form helped make it one of the most rigid and aerodynamic race bikes to date. Introduction to Bestiality and Zoophilia.

About – IDE Inc.

Freedom Of Speech, Inc. Augmentative Communication Consultants Inc.

gyrkpoint As part of this project, IDE also addressed the problem of potentially dangerous fuel refills by designing a disposable methanol fuel cartridge, with a simple peel-off foil seal. Presents information on the computer software Novation, from Novasoft Systems Incorporated.


IDE designed the first phone that fit neatly into the airline seat’s armrest. First ever PC with removable disk drives Tandon PAC and Personal Data Pac – Winner of 7 product of the year awards, the PAC allowed you to easily eject your Data Pac and plug it into a different computer, giving you immediate access to all of your programs and databases at your new location.

The design team at IDE created a soft, integrated form with beautiful sculptural surface transitions, yet obviously reminiscent of a portable CD player. Features include dual-hand usage, which prevents accidental triggering.

The back could be easily removed, allowing the Presenter to be placed directly onto an overhead projector, casting the display onto your pull-down screen. The fact that CrystalEyes is still on the market proves the success of the design. This program moves the cursor and provides an interface to activate mouse buttons using one or two switches.

Converts any 35mm film camera into a digital camera Silicon Film e Film — The EFS-1 made it possible to capture digital images using your existing 35mm SLR film camera, making your collection gyropoijt expensive lenses and accessories no longer obsolete.