Majumdar, Inscriptions of Bengal, iii, pp. Rather from the proved posteriority of the Padma to th e Mahdbharata we can now say that in cosmographical texts the agreeing or disagreeing of a given text with the Pur anas is by itself of no chronological consequence. Hilgenberg admits, may represent an accidental lacuna in the Padma. Ms in Eggeling, op. This would be a very serious indictment of the originality of the Mahdbharata if it were true. Chess, Indian, 17,

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Even the Blessed One was not free from such sleep. Here there is the regular reading maharaja. Il samkalpa e proporzionato alle facolta intellettuali deli- ‘individuo, 6 ecio e gia stabilito nel passo della Brhad-Arariyaka-Upani? See our other membership options. Sanskrit literature, The passage is conceived in a truly Epic vein and will bear being recited.

Recurrent passages in the Upanisads. The exact years can be ascertained only after strenuous calculations which I am unable to make. Der Padatext, der uberall in arya- auflost, ist nicht unbedingt massgebend. See also Zachariae, Die haseee Woerterbiicher, Strass- burgp. We cannot however be perfectly sure of the correctness of the Text ; for it is not faultless.

As a creative work of art it has a form of its own, but it defies conventional classification.


Vira Acaryaparampara of Western Sanskritists. Tattha ayoniso manasikara-bahulikaro ayam iahlaro anuppannassa via thfna-middhassa uppadlaya, uppannassa via thina-middhassa bhiyyobhavaya vepullaya.

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The Mahanataka is another example of a so-called drama, which was undoubtedly influenced in form and spirit by popular literature. Yasomitra explains stydna also as a material as well as non-material quality. Win- ternitz Leipzigpp. He tries to refute them by giving the same quotation as given in the Visuddhimagga. The second is a longer passage Mbh. But he was not prepared to accede to the position of the orthodox theorist of the entire annihilation of the material middha.

Yasomitra further says Woe. The Lord manifested himself as Rama in the Treta age in the year called the Tarawa in the hasee of Caitra on the 9th day of the bright fort- night at midday on Monday when the Moon was in the constellation of Punarviasu and when the Sukla Yoga was on. Therefore there can be another cause of sleep.

But this lands us into the region of sheer speculation. But the entire literary output of Bengal in this period covers practically the reigns of two kings only, namely, Ballalasena and Laksmanasena, and it confines, itself chiefly to Hasse Ritualism and Boetry ; the New Logic, Brahmanical Tantra and sectarian Vaisnavism emerging about three centuries later with the consolidation of the Muhammadan rule.


It is the langour or sickness of the body sarfra-gilaniya. The earliest of these appears to be the Hara-laia and the Pitr-dayita of Aniraddha Bhatta both of which have been considerably used as authoritative by Raghunandana.

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Therefore, it should not be said that middha is form or material quality. Niddesa 1while commenting on niddia and thina in Sn. Honorary Treasurer of the Aristotelian Society, — 8. Old and nonstandard browsers can put your security at risk, are slow and don’t work with newer features.

They admitted that there is a middha produced from mind cittaja, para. Thina-middha is described as gu the mind of a mendicant, who does not take interest in the holy life, who entertains doubt about dhammas, who is groping in the dark for want of clearness of vision A. Literary Texts,pp. La forme pun est celle qui est en usage dans la langue mon.