Best Android phone If fluid from the battery comes into contact with skin or clothes, flush with water immediately. Disabling the Stowaway keyboard will not automatically turn off the Bluetooth radio. The keyboard has many functions that will and would still work for the mentioned phones. The keyboard will power off when the cover is closed and the Bluetooth connection will be lost.

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The keyboard ID Bluetooth address printed on the back of the keyboard should be compared with the IDs in the list and the desired keyboard selected.

Igo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard Owner’s Manual

Unsecured Mode Settings Unsecured Mode Settings For those using Windows Mobile or a non-Microsoft Bluetooth stack, there are two Bluetooth settings that affect how the keyboard and the mobile device connect in Unsecured mode. Refer to the following table for the appropriate keyboard shortcut.

Firmware Upgrade Depending on the version of your keyboard, you may see an Upgrade Firmware button on the BT page, and a message advising that the firmware be upgraded. Low — This is a warning that the batteries have reached a threshold where they should be replaced soon.

Tap “Scan” on the phone. If it connects the phone will display “Think Outside Keyboard” and just beneath it will say “Connected to input device. If the keyboard stops responding press a key such as Shift or Space bar. For more information see Unsecured Mode 2. One for your phone to sit landscape and one for portrait. This is used to setup the optional Bluetooth mouse. Details for Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, and more. This is a great Think Outside design.


Before inserting a new battery, the battery compartment should be cleaned. It is made of aluminum and plastic. We get typing to find out.

The Same is true for the Green Fn key. ulfra

Igo Stowaway Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard For Sale in Naas, Kildare from morow

To enable pairing on the keyboard you must press the Ctrl key, the blue Fn, and the green Fn keys, at the same time. Alt Tab shows the recent apps used. Keyboard Control Panel On the Config tab: Overall the keyboard is very easy to use, and once you’ve got the software installed it doesn’t support Windows Mobile 6 devices yet allows you to get taping away.

France Some areas of France have a restricted frequency band. Tap on “Think Outside Keyboard” and the phone will display a “Bluetooth pairing request” window asking to enter a number given in the message on the screen.

Reconnecting the Stowaway keyboard For information on Unsecured connections and re-connections see Unsecured Mode Settings. Legal Notices Mobility California, Inc.


This is only for users that also have the Stowaway Bluetooth Mouse. Page 26 Unsecured Mode Settings sections.

Customizing Your Keyboard Customizing Your Keyboard Once the keyboard software is installed on the mobile blutooth, you may customize the options. Tap Enable the next screen allows you to turn on access to the Stowaway keyboard to choose which keyboard to enable. To enable the Stowaway keyboard, tap the Enable button on the Config screen of the keyboard application.

What’s the story so far? The Stowsway Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really feel. Samsung Galaxy S10 specs, release date and rumours: Tapping Make PDA accessible will set the Bluetooth Accessibility Settings to allow automatic reconnection of the mobile device and the keyboard when both are powered on and in range.

What is the Stowaway Bluetooth Mouse button for? Use the left and right arrow keys to highlight the Tool bar item you want. jgo