Another Mac Pro owner running XP also said the he had installation problems similar to mine. After installing vista 64, eject the vista dvd obv and insert the mac osx disc. Note with a Vista Ultimate install, these were not present so perhaps they were related to Home having no 2nd CPU support. Also, did the CD come with wifi drivers? You will also need to download the Network Controller drivers for Windows Vista x64 bit from Marvell.

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cista Internal iSight driver for Windows 7 x64? I quickly installed Firefox 3. DirectX updated april runtime – no errors found in dxdiag tests either.

Please share any additional information or solutions for some of the problems if your run across something.

Other notes and problems Cutting edge video drivers—while I found the drivers on the Mac Pro disc satisfactory index score of 5. Sign up for a new account in our community. Personally at this point Visa going to stop messing with Windows on this machine.

I clicked on ignore to continue the process, kybdmr. The keyboard is the Apple wireless bluetooth and my windows keyboard is USB wireless. Anyone knows how to manually install the KbdMgr the boot cap utility for windows?


Instead, open to view files and click on bootcamp folder. At this point I dont know what to do. I was pleasantly surprised. Fortunately the Marvell controller does not have the same negative side effect. I had to use a wired apple keyboard and z64 wired mouse any brandespecially during the windows install.

Apple Bluetooth with Windows Vista x64 |VMware Communities

I followed the above instructions. Also installing the 64bit Boot Camp was not possible. Basically, with a MB Video card that would leave me with 3.

Thankswork great for me with Vista Ultimate X Install all the drivers manually one by one… voila. Isitht edge video drivers—while I found the drivers on the Mac Pro disc satisfactory index score of 5. If you disable that device your sound problems should go vlsta. News, install the network adapter driver you downloaded from Marvell. Although both work after boot, holding down the option key or Alt, or Command, Control, etc.

Installing Windows Vista 64-bit on an iMac

Just a few notes on that. As long as I am running Vista, and do not shut down, the computer is fast, accurate and flawless. Second, the macbook pro disks. What exactly do you mod to get the cutting edge video drivers to work?


Internal iSight driver for Windows 7 x64? – Windows Discussion – InsanelyMac Forum

Turns out Paint won’t open it only because the drivers are not MS Certified. The 64bit drivers where all on my install discs that came with my iMac. On reboot I get nothing but blue screen and failure to repair startup.

Good to know that my iSight mod is Windows – compatible.

Drivers for windows 7 64-bit?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Although as some others have seen in Vista not just bootcamp usersI’ve had occasional freezes at the end of Firefox 3. Hey, is there any way to update links? Only real problem i had was getting bluetooth keyboard and mouse to connect, managed it, but was difficult.