D-Trust Signature Card www. MessageDigest – all types javacard. MyKad- Identification Card for Malaysians http: Cipher – all types javacard. More information is available here: Smart card must support exception handling – Not an issue on newer cards, but may be missing on older ones e.

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Some cards in the table come without full identification and ATR ‘undisclosed’ as submitters prefered not to disclose it at the momment. Fore more information on this card please contact us. Mar OS – Also used by many others spanish universities.

Full identification might be added in future. JavaCard support version, javacardx. Result on this page were generated by JCAlgTest utility.

Serbian Car registration ID card http: Sparebanken Vest, Norway spv. Nokia NFC phone http: VISA Estonianmade by www.

List of supported JavaCard algorithms

Please download packed binaries and source codes here: Full identification might be added in future. Certinomis card electronic certificates Schlumberger Cryptoflex ActivCard. BP-Sim The Babylon Payments Simulator BP-Sim is a family of highly efficient regression and stress testing tools, designed for deployment in development and pre-production 4. Moreover, supported algorithms may change in more recent revisions of given type of card typically, basic primitives like block cipher or asymmetric kcop algorithm remain same as they are often implemented in hardware, but cryptographic constructions like particular MAC algorithm or supported key sizes may be added later.


German public health insurance card “Gesundheitskarte”issuer Knappschaft. The set of cryptographic algorithms supported by the particular Java smart card is sometimes hard to obtain from vendor’s specifications. German public health insurance card “Gesundheitskarte”issuer Techniker Krankenkasse.

JavaCard support test

Card returned unspecific error. Athena IDProtect Key v2 http: Sun Commercial Bank, Taiwan.

ID card for personal of “Govern Illes Balears” http: But it 441 be possible, that given algorithm is NOT actually supported by card as some cards may create object for requested algorithm and fail only later when object is actually used.

MasterCard Credit card issued by SpareBank1 http: Spain Polytechnical University of Madrid, Spain. Such a behavior 212 be employed for a quick test of supported algorithms. Vitrasa Card municipal city card for Vigo, Spain. Mostly, algorithm is really supported. If you are also interested in the performance of target algorithm for a specific length of processed data, please visit Performance results.


JCOP 41 – 72k (Mifare 4k Emulation) White Gloss PVC Card

FineID identity card for organizations http: Austrian Quick E-purse “Einreichkarte” transfer card http: I’m publishing it anyway as the information that some card supporting particular algorithm exists is still interesting.

Watchdata Brazil CSP v1. Pass Campus Alsace, a mix of a student card, a transport card Badgeo and a Moneo http: New Card Infocamere Italy series Atac is the public transport company of the city of Rome.

Many thanks to Ludovic Rousseau for the initial list.