Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Change the copying conditions, as required. Multi-Sheet Bypass Tray This is used to copy onto the paper of the size that is not loaded in the trays, or onto the special paper such as thick paper, thin paper, OHP transparent films, etc. Stack paper with curly side UP. Console type Transfer method: Inch; AB; Auto detect Default setting: Konica advertised the as a mid-volume laser printer.

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Konica Copier Specs |

The automation has also been made for energy conservation and safety in operation. Basic Screen continued q Message area: Magnification continued Procedure 1.

Inserting a New Staple Cartridge When the staple cartridge of the Finisher 703 empty, the following messages will be displayed on the touch screen. Using a toner cartridge not specified for the will cause copy quality problems. The copier’s weight is rated at lbs. Put the double-sided originals in the order of pages.


Konica Minolta 7033 Instruction Manual

Page 14 Section 1: Two staple heads and auto-image rotation provide eight-position stapling. Basic Operation for Copying 2. Page 76 Section 6: Reserve Mode and Job List The Reserve function allows you to start copying the reserve job immediately after the present output job is minollta.

Memory Switch [13] This function allows you to change the Memory Settings listed below. Page 26 Section 3: Weekly Timer [9] Laser Toner Cleaning Kit. Mixed Original Mixed original mode is used with RADF to copy mixed-size originals, to obtain the following two type of the finished set: Paper Jam Koncia continued Jam in Reserve Job If paper jam occurs while setting the copying condition in the reserve mode, the following screen appears.

Konica Minolta , Toner Cartridge Black, Original

Based on the set copying conditions, set originals on RADF. Paper Capacity of the Finisher The capacity of the Finisher exit tray is listed below. The Application Selection screen will be displayed. You can specify a name and limit count for each password.

Activated with Automatic Paper Selection mode: Ohp Interleave Section 8: Weekly Timer Section 5: Be sure to lock the Finisher securely to the copier to avoid the above mlnolta.


Item Setting default is underlined No. When the total number of copies in the copy run exceeds the stated capacity, be sure to unload the exit tray whilst the copier is still copying.

Supplies for Konica Minolta 7033

The Konica uses regular printing paper with measurements between 5. To avoid an electrical shock.

Halogen lamp W Developing method: Reverse Image continued Supplement 1: This is especially useful when special paper is used on a regular basis and is always placed in a specific paper tray. Application Selection screen will be restored. Danger, Warning and Caution Symbols The following indicators are used on the caution labels or in this manual to categorize the level of safety cautions.