What is amazing is that it could be around 10′ hours. First thing I recommend anybody is to get a good old school HP laserjet monochrome. They are over priced, low quality, and typically low yield cartridges. To Brother’s credit, the low-ink warning can be ignored for a very long time and by the time it fully stops printing the cartridge seems reasonably empty no sloshing. What is your family business’ name?

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He says avoid HP and go for brands like Canon or Epson etc. Coming here to say this.

I’ve had a few issues with printer quality a lot of cases where the printer was falling apart or not working after a few months lwxmark I would be wary of buying one now. I had inkjets HP, Epson, Canon etc and always had problems after a while Usually starts when the initial cartridge runs out. I’d upvote this one twice if I could. You can get used printers from your local City surplus.

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I always avoid the all-in-ones. I have a 4V that still runs like a champ. Just rub it back and forth. I’m not saying this is suitable for work-place or using heavy duty but it’s very nice for home use. No text is allowed in the textbox.


Not just from the standpoint of the printer mechanically but also the cartridges seriess use. It figures out the rest and it’s far more consistent.

Can print from any machine in the house. Plus you don’t have to worry about getting them to look right.

%Info Lexmark TA11A Black Print T65X Return Program Toner Cartridge – Unexcavated

Mon Sep 24 Inkjet has not caught up to laser in many aspects, but they are inching close enough that inkjet makes sense for many small to medium volume business environments. But what percentage of people complaining their Dell Inkjet works like shit would that statement apply too?

I’m also chiming in with ldxmark support of a name drop. Those printers are not well made, and the cartridges are prone to electronic failure. To my knowledge all the ink printers are individual colors with reasonably priced cartridges with reasonable yields the black cartridges are a bit expensive in comparison to the color cartridges but leexmark well.

If you do have one at least buy the XL cartridges as they typically have about 3 times the ink for about twice the price as the base serries. I don’t mean to bash the older laserjets, those things are beastly machines, but it seems like a lot of people would be better off getting one of the newer consumer level lasers.


default printers in sap?

Lexxmark litigious human meatbags. Consumers still buy inkjet in droves because the initial investment is more reasonable especially if you ever want color printing. I love that machine. My printer spews toner all over the first ten or so pages it prints, which it never used to do. If the machine is maintained and cleaned every so often then a lot of times this can be prevented. Older printers are better, make sure to look at the lifetime cost of the printer and avoid cheap or free ones.

Color Laser Network Scan Network was the easy part.

One exception to this is the Samsung CLP series and other similar which offer terrible yields for the price. Memjet’s office reference printer is fast. You can watch it here: Every time it zeries.

I’ve had a few questions about refills and this link explains it far better than I can http: What we need is decent, “open source” hardware. I got it for free because a weries I knew didn’t want to move it to his new place.