Irwsoft Data Framework Light Edition provides basic functionality at a nice price: NET providers used by you are built for. No support for XQuery queries. To make the designer work with the Npgsql ADO. Entity Framework ” by Christopher R.

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Telerik Data Access includes a visual designer, as well.

Users should specify the database service name for the service to connect to, not the server name llblgej IP address the database service runs on. There’s also a standalone version available. NET provider for your database from the vendor’s website. For supported features, see Oracle ODP. A day trial license is available.

Grouped overloaded procedures are supported. The CodePlex site also includes a pretty comprehensive set of nHydrate Documentation and tutorials. General Each driver which supports unique constraints will only retrieve unique constraint llblven, not unique indexes.

The upside of being open source is that nHydrate is free and seems reasonably well supported by the community. Entity Framework ” by Christopher R. Irwsoft Data Framework Professional adds additional features, including user-defined functions and data diagrams.


NET’s OleDb client A database driver is used to llblhen to a database server and to retrieve all available schema information for the credentials and connection information specified. All datatypes supported by Npgsql are supported.

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No support for iSeries DB2 installations. As a bonus, all this functionality is free with extensive documentation and community support. Support for stored procedures v5. All are based on the T4 templates built by Visual Studio itself.


The drivers themselves use the ADO. Supported features per database driver Each database driver supports a variety of features and these are listed below. You llblgenn also log query execution and data access to determine overall usage and specific task performance.

Irwsoft Data Framework Irwsoft Data Framework is a lightweight ORM that integrates directly with Visual Studio to generate table, view, function and procedure classes directly from a database. The downside is that you may have to invest some effort in tracking down information. For a good overview of the differences between nHydrate and its underlying Entity Framework roots, check out ” nHydrate vs. NET Oracle 9i or higher. It also generates data domain classes and business domain classes including typed lists, collections, stored procedures and interface definitions.


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Although the project now lives on GitHub, you’ll find a good overview of nHydrate on the nHydrate CodePlex project pageincluding links to further sources of “official” information. Paid direct support from Telerik is available.

All of mydql are either free or provide a trial, so install a copy, run the modeler, and see whether the resulting code meets your needs and preferences. I agree to this site’s Privacy Policy.

In that case, consider using an ODP. Unique indexes are therefore ignored.

Multiple schemas per catalog Note: Restrictions in the Microsoft Oracle provider: The unique constraints are then picked up by the drivers. If your software development projects are anything like the ones I encounter every day, you spend a lot of time creating, saving, querying, moving, merging, and munging data.