After having manually deleted the obviously “wrong” and not usable Marvell modules 1b4b Topic settings Print view. Furthermore I have stickied this topic, because it seems to be quite pupular. Fernando Show info Posts:. Zitat von lordkag im Beitrag If the controller is not seen by the Marvell flasher any more, probably so. You can use this link for getting the firmware and this link for tutorial , but make sure you use the right firmware for your controller. It is still probably a month away though as it’s shipping from China, so I have good time to try something if there’s further ideas.

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It would have been helpful to post the entire screen of MSU, to see if all the components are properly detected. But it doesn’t hurt to flash an image with Firmware, it won’t be used if it is not needed.

If anyone will upload a dump of his firmware, I can run that instead through my script. One other problem could arise from mixing components from different firmware versions. The rest of the components seem universal with 91xx and 92xx distinctionas I have seen them in different images for different controllers.


This is from your backup image, there is a Firmware 2. More than that, this is the image you want to flash for controller, but a backup and a confirmation is always better. It is better to check after a reboot. They both however introduced about 7 minutes long delay at boot, right where the possible option ROM message should appear. So it seems those extra components in your images have no effect at all or are not getting loaded properly for some reason.

I knew the space problem before already: Not much hope of fixing it, but to give it a shot. Before I deleted 1b4b: Cannot say for sure, as I never used MSU before this problem. Just be very careful about the following bug.

To contact Marvell Sales, please submit your inquiry via request for information below.

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Fernando Many thanks for your help. It’s a pity that’s impossible to look at the chip because it’s hidden under the chipset cooler which it’s not removable.

If the backup is having problems, you should avoid flashing a new firmware. Which one should i choose? I have this one: Pretty surprising that it is being sold for such 91220 low price.

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Until then, I will try to assemble new images, leaving out the internal Firmware. I have attached the corresponding firmware file. I hope you learned the hard way to always backup before flashing. But this also means that it might require a custom firmware.

I’m willing to try anything. That controller is ok.

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If I install latest Marvell driver it doesn’t give any errors and the device is listed under storage controllers as usual, but no drives attached to it are detected. The size is not that important, the first images had padding to fill the chip for programming use to not vontroller size warningswhile these ones are at the normal size for flasher.

I use a mainboard Asus P8P67 Rev3. Luckily, the guys and girls from Station-Drivers had a 92xx firmware ocie for Here are the advices: I have another idea: Data Center and Cloud.