Cheers, Bruce How does this make you feel? I have done better to take the new model of edirol, which appears to be less toy I had the very same question and was just starting to research the issue – yours was my first search! The last Windows operating system that supported this controller was Windows 7. Log in or Sign up.

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You can download the last driver here: InM-Audio released Black Box, a guitar processor and audio interface with guitar amp modeling, beat-synced effects, and drum tracks for computer based recording that they had co-developed with Roger Linn Design. While not the first key MIDI controller nor the first cost-effective keyboard controller with plenty of hardware MIDI controls, the Oxygen8 helped establish the new category of portable keyboard controller, and a significant product category for M-Audio in the years to come.

The mood in here. Hi Christopher The answer to yor Question is “yes”, it runs under Win 10 64bit. MIDI configuration is taken from head, it would seem that one can not change the exchange control knobs, and the total lack of select physical patch to assign a key to a sound makes it the ideal keyboard for penguins.

Midiman Oxygen 8 (v1)

Midiman first established itself as a manufacturer of small, affordable MIDI problem solvers, sync devices, and interfaces. Community-powered support for M-Audio. Windows 7 64 bit gaffe no drivers for this keyboard. Having now established themselves in the MIDI interface and audio interface product categories, Midiman entered the MIDI keyboard controller market in with the introduction of the portable key Oxygen8.


Avid retained the Mbox range of audio interfaces and some other formerly M-Audio-brand products. I downloaded the legacy keyboard driver installer from M-Audio’s website, installed it and was done.

In mid, Avid sold M-Audio to inMusic as part of an attempt to streamline operations and reduce operating costs.

Retrieved 2 July What I like least is to have purchased it! Bruce Quayle September 20, After founding the company as Music Soft and changing the name to Midiman due to Yamaha Corporation already owning the rights to the Music Soft name, Keybaord began the company with hardware solutions designed to solve the challenges of connecting MIDI, audio, and computer equipment together for the purposes of music production.

Cumberland, Rhode IslandUnited States. Users have had keybiard with operating systems later than Windows 7 from using the last available drive but the controller is not officially supported past 7.

Midiman M-Audio Oxygen 8 25-key USB Midi Controller Keyboard

Retrieved April 16, It is USB powered a nice feature, since you don’t have to have another cord for the power. Cheers, Bruce How does this make you feel? Purchased for the knobs, and quality, at the time, seemed honorable. Konu Stephen April 26, Views Read Edit Miduman history. Wikimedia Commons has media related to M-Audio. Will the Oxygen 8 v1 work with Windows 10?


Not to mention the profound joy that comes from the labyrinth of change midi channel press button, select MIDI Channel, enter keyhoard using the channel number, press OK, and press again on the first button to return to standard keyboard. It is meant for amateur musicians to use as a way to input notes into their DAW of choice and play and control instruments within a DAW.

American brands Audio equipment manufacturers Companies based in Rhode Island Companies established in Microphone manufacturers Music equipment manufacturers Sound cards. Our members also liked: Not to mention the notes that are inadvertently block and produce sound, always: Retrieved from ” https: Midiman Oxygen 8 v1 Edit Subject.

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