The Moticam is a high-resolution live imaging microscopy camera. No problems were experienced in set-up or use. Free editing software like VirtualDub offers plenty of facilities for resizing, cropping and compressing. Click to see masters. An amoeba presents no problems on the speed front!

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On-chip software image enhancements include Noise-Reduction, Live Filtering and Settings Memory providing a constant environment for comparison work. Professional calibration slide and USB 2. A large source 60W enlarger lamp was used.

There are two ways to mount your Moticam into your microscope.

Software – Panthera,Microscope and Microscopy Solutions by Motic

MoticNet, a multi-user observation and supervision platform that gives you the option to connect up to digital microscopy stations together with the supervision from the teacher’s platform. In the ‘Measure’ menu is an ‘Autosegment’ option. Two adjustable size eyepiece adapters that allow you to attach the camera onto almost any microscope without having to remove the eyepiece.

Meyer Instruments Imaging Software. Labomed Stereomicroscopes Surgical Microscopes.

See what your Moticam box includes. See what your Moticam box includes.

Over ons Contact Voorwaarden Login. Motic Trace for teaching forensic and first-level evidence processing centers. Measurement tools can be used both on live images as well as on captured ones, and measurement data can be exported at any time for further analysis.


Once this has been done put the complete combination onto the eyepiece, and you have turned your conventional microscope into a digital microscope. The ‘Accuracy’ option is the no. The adaptor should sit flush on jsb of eyepiece before clamping. The maker’s specifications and other details can be seen on the Motic N. Remove an eyepiece from the microscope and replace it with the Moticam-Eyetube adapter combination.

The Moticam is a competitively priced high-resolution live imaging microscopy camera. Understanding our USB Cameras It is the result of more than a decade of close cooperation with end-users and professionals around the world. Unitron Metallograph Microscopes Forensic Microscopes. The Moticam is perhaps more likely to suit the user requiring images for e. The image capture size for which the calibration was made is also recorded here.

Learn how to measure, edit and share captured video or still images or use the live video stream from the camera to teach an entire class. See Klaus Kemp’s website for the range of slides available to purchase.


YSC Technologies

Third party software like ‘ bmp2avi ‘ can assemble them into an avi video kbyte compressed which in this case is 5 frames per sec. Macro stand with calibration disc and camera support to attach to a tripod.

Most features are self explanatory. A quick try of the webcam with relay lens on 10×40 binoculars gave no vignetting. Our multi-language interface offers several choices for either basic or more advanced image control options, filters and color correction.

The appropriate calibration for the optics used is selected in the measure tab drop down menu shown below.

Capturing evenly lit images at these low mags is usually tricky on the author’s scope. Neat Image noise reduction on master before resizing. Below right shows the usefulness of the Auto Capture function.

The Moticam represents the ultimate in flexibility camrea it comes to choosing a microscopy camera solution.